Sunday, 28 September 2008

Lynn and Tracy went on a jolly

Today Lynn and Tracy went off to Trimcraft to see some of the new goodies that will be coming out soon - but we are sworn to secrecy.

We spent a wonderful day in the company of Michelle Saxon of QVC and we have talked her into coming down to do a demonstration soon.

So watch this space!!

We also got to play with the new acrylic covers to go with the bind it all and the new leather clasps/ closures that make your books look fab.

Tracy introduced Lynn to a whole new world of Trimcraft, Lynn never new existed - the haberdashery side of the warehouse, so look out for some fancy new lace trimmings and things coming soon Lynn spent way toOO!! much. LOL ( Ha Ha Tracys' wicked laughter).

So what have we planned tomorrow. We are going to see Jenny and then to check on the men folk at the new shop to make sure all the work is on schedule. I cannot believe how much has been done but just how much is left to do. You are going to love it.

we have got lots planned to keep you all busy, but Lynn is not letting me tell you, and it is killing me!!

Ohh and Tuesday we are talking to Mr Graham 'handsome' Hansford of funstamps fame and an all round Mr Nice Guy to come and Demo too.

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