Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Well Good Morning and Welcome to this Our Very own Blog spot. We have been pulled kicking and screaming in to the 21st century. LOL!!!

So who are We?
Its all in the blurb to the Right; but to give you a little more detail:-

Flutterby Crafts - Newbury - West Berkshire
Is a delightful Little Craft shop and bead shop, we may be little but we have BIG plans, more of that later.

We stock a wide Range of papercrafting goods, Ideal for the cardmakers and scrapbookers out there. Our Beading shop is very popular for all those Jewellery makers and is ideal for embellishing your craft projects in a variety of different ways.

More recently we have started to stock Jo Sonjas' Artist Acrylics for those of you who like to express yourselves with paint.

We Offer Workshops and events in all the above and we will try to keep you posted here as well as on our website and online shop.

So thats the Shop! But Who Are WE!!!

Lynn :- The Gaffer, The head honcho, She who must be obeyed (by Grant, her other half). The Hirer and The Firer!!! (Lynn we love you we do!)

Nicky :- Card Maker Extraordinaire, You'll find her in the shop and taking the cardmaking and papercraft workshops.

Ruth :- \Patience of a Saint, and excellent Beader/ jewellery maker, and great with the little crafters (Ruth runs the childrens workshops, Yes we do Childrens workshops and Parties. How Cool are We!).

Katherine :- Ruths Daughter, and an avid cardmaker/scrapbooker, and about to become Our Wedding Co-Ordinator to help all those wishing to make their own Invitations.

Katie :- We borrow her from her proper job, Katie runs our Jewellery workshops and is beautiful/ intelligent/ an excellent all round crafter ( doesn't she want to make you spit, Seriously we lover her, and we have to because she may become the Bosses D-I-LAW)

Others you may see dotted around.

Jenny (we are not worthy) :- Join Jenny to make some fantabulous products, using the Jo Sonjas' and Kaiser ranges. She loves it so much she bought the company - well the wholesale company that supplies these wonderful products to the uk, but thats close enough.

Grant - TEABOY!!! Lynns hubby

ME:- Tracy, web girl, In charge of blogging and wedsite updates. You may see me occassionally around but considering I live a bit further away from the shop, 3 1/2 hours away to be exact, it is only occasionally.

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