Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Latest Newsletter

Hello Everybody.

I hope you are all very well and managing to avoid any of the winter bugs that have been going around. There have been some very long lingering colds and coughs out there, but the spring IS on its way - the snowdrops are out in my garden!!!

This is just a very quick e-mail this week. It is quite late in the evening and I want to get a good nights sleep, so I am going to get this out to you all so that my mind is clear and, hopefully, a peaceful night will come my way.

So the things that I want to let you know about are:

Firstly there is a free demonstration of Parchment Craft in the Paper shop this Saturday. Jane will be showing you how this beautiful craft is done and, if you ask nicely, she might just let you have a bit of a go. So if you want to find out about Parchment Craft or would like to have a try come into the shop between 10am and 4pm.

This demonstration is the launch pad for the new Parchment Club which is being launched next Thursday. We will also look, in the future, to setting up a weekend session according to demand. Full details are on the website.

Secondly, the Saturday Crop will be on this Saturday. It is not on the calendar because there had been a private booking for the workshop. The private booking has been cancelled and, I am happy to say, the Flutterby Memory Keepers are going to take up their usual slot. Hopefully some of you will come to join Pamela and the Girls.

Talking of Pamela and the Saturday Crop reminds me (don't ask about the conection with my thoughts!!) - I know some of you look for somewhere to have lunch or a snack when you visit and I am very pleased to let you know that the Taste Of England is under new management, has been thoroughly renovated and should be open from this weekend. I popped in there early this week and it looks very good. Judy, the new landlady, brought around a copy of the menu and it looks delicious.

Another thing for this weekend, for you Papercrafting Ladies, I have just received the brand new Bind-it-All V2 (the pretty pink one!!) and for this weekend only I have a couple on special offer. There are two Bind-it-All Machines with an RRP of £69.99 available at a special one-off price of £59.99. There is one Bag-a-Bind Tote bag (again in pretty pink) available for £17.99 (normal rrp £19.99) and I have two pretty pink tool kits on offer for £21.99 (normal rrp £24.99). I look forward to the stampede as you all rush to make the most of this offer!!!

So that has taken care of this weekend, now for the following weekend - which affects all you lovely beadshop ladies! There are still a few places (3 last time I looked!) left on the All Day Jewellery making workshop. Full details are available on the website, to see them click
here . The workshop samples are on display in the shop at the moment.

And, finally, places are starting to fill for the Beginners Rubber Stamping on the 21st February. So if you are thinking about it......................

Well, there you go, that is not so bad for a quick email!!

Only one last thing to mention - do you remember me saying that I was going to have a weekend puddle jumping in my last newletter. Well, we had a wonderful weekend with Helen, Jet and my Parents and we found some great puddles. I have put some pictures on the
blog - although I have to say that my favourite picture is the last one!!!!!

That really is it. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you.

Happy crafting.

Lynn and the Girls.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Joanna has been busy

Joanna has been busy, again, with her Cricut and Cuttlebug. I have been very selfish and posted the photos and details on our website. If you would like to see her latest works follow this link

I hope you all like her cards as much as we do.

I am hoping to talk Joanna into do a Cricut/Cuttlebug demonstration in the shop. If you would be interested in this can you let me know. My email is

Enjoy. Lynn x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Puddle Jumping is such fun!!

In my last newsletter I said that I was going to have a weekend with Jet and we were going to go puddle jumping - well, here is the evidence that we did it and did we have fun!! It was great fun, but - as you can see - it was very tiring. If only I had some time to do some scrapbooking, I could do a great page with these. Hopefully I will get to do it one day soon.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Latest Newletter

Hi Everybody.

Well, I sat and rested. I vegged out on dvd's and was anaethatised on Benolyn Original (highly recommended for a good nights sleep!!). So now I need to kick start myself and get back into the swing of things.

I FINALLY got around to organising the workshop lists for this year. Sorry it has taken so long. I actually updated the website last weekend, but forgot to write this so that you would all know! Anyway you can find all the details on

I have also put details of a jewellery day that we are holding on the 7th February and a beginner’s rubber stamping session on the 21st February. So things are starting to move.

Watch out for the Craft Weekend later in the year, when we will be decorating boxes and bags and all sorts of other bits (anything that moves will be crackled!!). If I can get the blanks, would anybody be interested in decorating a big mirror like the one in the shop?

While I am thinking about it, if you go on the website could you, please, look at the poll that is on the bottom of the page on the left hand side? I would like to know what you would all like to see happening with the workshops.

I have added a few bits to the gallery from my Little Sister (bless her!) and from Joanna, who is producing some stunning cards with her Cricut. I will be adding more of Joanna's cards to the blog and forum during the next few days.

Talking of the forum, if you go on there you will see some pictures of JennyJ's beaded snowflake. I am hoping that Jenny will run a class on making snowflakes when she is next in the country. Would you be interested in this? Please let me know.

So, what else have we got to look forward to? Well, I know what I can look forward to - one of my babies is coming home for the weekend next week and she is bringing HER baby!! And it gets better than that - the parents are joining us as well. So four generations of fun. (I suppose I had better get going on doing some housework.) We are going to (hopefully!) find some puddles to jump in and some ducks to feed. Great fun!

I am busy trying to finalise some projects that have been kicking around for awhile. I have (finally!) put together the two boxes that have been sitting in the shop waiting to be finished and I have promised Grant that I will complete the frames for the pictures he painted for our bedroom (I only started them last August!!). Wonderful!

Well, that was a good old rambling newsletter! Loads of questions to answer and information to absorb. Make a cup of tea and start reading again. Hopefully I have inspired you to have some fun this year. Let the doom and gloomers keep themselves occupied. We are going to go into this year with the ambition to make all our own gifts and have some great fun.

Happy New Year and happy crafting.

Best wishes from Lynn and the Girls.

Er, der!!

I have just looked at the blog and realised that my postings went in reverse order. I wrote about Joanna's card, then put the cards on - but my writing has gone AFTER the cards, I am stupid. Just read down and you will get the gist.

In my next life I am going to be born a dog or a cat, that way I will not have to worry about using the internet!!!!

Enjoy and happy crafting.

Lynn xx

Please remember to look at my Little Sisters works too, she is feeling very proud of herself!!!

More of Joanna's Thank You Cards

Here I have mounted and layered Black Bazzill Bling and Black Market Paper Society stock. I then die cut a scallop rectangle Next I embossed onto white Bazzill Basic card using the 'Textile! embossing folder which I purchased from Flutterby Crafts a few weeks ago. Easy so far, and it gets easier ..... I used my Cricut to cut 'Thanks' on shadow on black Bazzill and layered with white glitter card. The Cricut cartridge used is Doodletype which is one of my favourite font cartridges. The addition of back ribbon and Voila

Last Cricut Thanks card with the help of The Cricut Design Studio

This is my 1st attempt at using my Cricut Design Studio which I have not used since I purchased it 6 months ago!

In the CDS I welded and cut a flower shape using the Black Market Paper Society stock and adhered it onto Black Bazzill to give it some strength. I then cut a scallop circle on my Cricut using some more of the BMPS stock and punched holes around the rim. Next I layered white glittered card with the Cuttlebug 'with Gratitude' cut and emboss folder for the 'thanks' lettering.

Hope you like and check out the gorgeous reversible Black Market Paper Society stock at Flutterby's.

Thank You card - by Joanna

Thank you card using Cricut

Well, I have loved making lots of different types of Christmas cards on my Cricut but I am in need of a break from the festive season. Lynn has some lovely new papers coming in daily to Flutterby Crafts. I noticed the lovely Black and White reversible designs by the Black Market Paper Society. There are oodles of reversible designs to get your creative juices going! Here is a very simple card....... using the Joys of the Season cricut cartridge. In fact, the present design can be used at any time of the year and I have used up all my scraps of Christmas papers up and posted my thank you cards this year in record time!!

I used my Cuttlebug Swiss dots folder to emboss the background on Bazzill Bling. I then used my Cuttlebug With Gratitude cut and emboss folder for the thanks lettering.

Hope you like. Keep watching for more thank you card designs using the Black Market Paper available from Flutterby Crafts.

Joanna xxxx

Joanna's Christmas Cards

Bit late, I know - but keep in mind for next year.................

Cricut Card - Lots of love at Christmas by Joanna

I made this card for Christmas with my husband in mind ........(how sweet!!!).

The photo may not show very well the gorgeous DCWV silver metallic card. I used my Joy and Cheer Cuttlebug folder for the embossed words. The metallic cardstock shows up the embossing really clearly ....... I love it!

As you know I can't be parted from my Cricut, so again I used the Joys of the Season cartridge (JOTS). I cut out the heart dies with my Cuttlebug and layered them. A leaf punch was used and sprinkled with silver balls. So quick and easy.

The Cricut, JOTS cartridge and Cuttlebug are all available to order from Flutterby Crafts. In fact I popped into Flutterby Crafts today and noticed that Lynn has the last Joys of the Season cartridge left in the shop ........... ideal Christmas present for good girls!!!

Joanna and her Cricut

Over the Christmas period Joanna has sent me pictures and details of some of the cards that she has made. Unfortunately, because Tracy was computer less and because of a glitch in my emails and my incompetence at signing on to this, I was unable to put blog and card pictures together! I have now got myself sorted, so here goes...................

I am about to load a couple of Joanna Christmas card and some of her Thank you cards, together with some words from her. Joanna has always made beautiful cards and she is a wiz with the Cricut and the Cuttlebug. The combination of her design flair together with the machinery is stunning. I hope you all like them as much as I do. Thank you, Joanna.

Lynn x

Thursday, 8 January 2009

So - I go to visit my Little Sister for a few days. She has been off of work for a few months recovering from an operation. She is not healing as well as she should and she is B.O.R.E.D in a BIG way. Now, being a good BigSis, I take her some bits to keep herself occupied. And this is the result!! I am not sure whether I am going to let her have the credit for doing good work or if I am going to take the credit for being a good teacher!!!! Either way, I hope you enjoy the photos and find some inspiration.