Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thursday Morning.

Good Morning, from a damp Newbury. Although It looks like it may clear up.

We have been busy bees this week, with more still to come.

The New shop is coming on at a cracking pace and the Signage went up yesterday. We all stood and admired it for at least 15 Minutes, with beaming grins from ear to ear.

Now I have to thank some people for all their hard work on the refurbishment. (hang on tight, An Oscar award winning speech is about to occur.)

Grant comes first for all the work he has done, Knocking down walls, building new walls and preparing for the plasterers to come in and soooo much more.

To the guys that levelled the floor, plastered the walls, built the ramp and veranda and the adorable rockery.

To the sign man, for the most beautiful sign.

Now I have to thank my own Husband; cause Lynn says I have too, for all of the painting he has done and believe me there is a lot of painting. Oh, How I have enjoyed the piece and quiet.

To each and everyone of you that has popped in to add your oohs and aahs, to support and encourage Lynn.

Lynn her self for not actually cracking up on us just yet, she has pencilled in the nervous break down for two weeks time, when the shop is up and running.

(round of applause and tears may commence now).

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