Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Happy Birthday - Lynn

Hello everyone, or should I say "Good morning campers"! Yes over the last two weeks we have been camping with the kids on and off. As a family we are new to camping and surprisingly I enjoyed it!!!! It was all good and we had lots of fun until last week one night the tent was flooded, howling gales and my 12yr old son asked at 2.00 am "Dad can I sleep in the car, I can't get to sleep"!!!

Anyway, nearly back to normality with the kids returning back to school on Thursday. I will be catching up with all the goodies that have arrived in the shop and I believe there are lots so, do keep popping back and leave any comments after a post as long as they are nice ones!

No photos but I would just like to wish Lynn a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today at Flutterby Crafts. Here's wishing you a great day and I hope you get the odd measure of spoiling whether it is at home or in the shop!!!

Joanna x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

Hi Everybody

Well it is nearing the end of my week off. Buzz has come on realy well. He is clean, dry and (more importantly!) quiet over night. He has also, slowly, got used to being on his own (with only Bridie & Kip for company) while we are at work. Having said that, between Grant, Phil and I he will not be left for very long at any one time. It has been suggested, however, that we teach him how to pull the ring-pull on the cans of dog food just in case!

Buzz has learnt, so far and apart from being clean & sleeping through the night, to sit on command, to 'fetch' on command, getting used to walking on a lead AND to leave Kip & Bridie alone when they are eating. The last thing the most important!

Now we have the last bank holiday before Christmas AND it looks like it might be sunny!

So I just wanted to wish you all a good break if you are not working and I hope the weekend passes quickly if you are working.

I understand that while I have been away from the shop there has been a lot of new goodies arrived.

The Toho beads have arrived and Ruth is busy bagging them up.

Pepper and friends Christmas collection has arrived, Martha Stewart punches turned up, just to mention a few things.

Just a couple of little prompts. Next Saturday (4th September) Dulcie will be at the shop demonstrating using the Promarker pens on her Milton stamps. Dulcie is the creator of Milton for the Wild Rose Studio.

The usually workshops restart during the next week or so. You can download the new workshop brochure by clicking here.

There is only a few week left before the Christmas Craft Retreat and there is only a few spaces still available, so if you are still thinking about it - get in there! Contact me, by email (lynn@flutterbycrafts.co.uk) or by phone and I will send you the details.

And it looks like I will be organising the NEC coach trip for the first Sunday in November, so remember to let me know if you are interested in it.

Well that is it for now. Have a good weekend and look on the Blog for pictures of the baby boy. He is well cute.

See you soon.

Lynn and the Girls x

Piccies of the Buzz

Here are some photos of Buzz on his first day with us. He is sooo gorgeous (I am not biased at all!!)

Watch out for some scrapbook layouts, in the shop, over the next week or two - especially after Buzz has met Jet next weekend.

See you all soon.

Lynn x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hi Everybody

Well, today is the day! I am getting my new puppy, Bridie is getting a new playmate and Kip is getting another thorn in his side!

Poor Kip! He is a quiet old Labrador, who does not need another dog interfering in his life. I am sure he will sulk for a few days, but then come around.

For those of you who are not up to date with this story, a friends Yellow Labrador had 5 puppies in June and we are having one of them. As I say, he is coming home today. His name is Buzz and watch out for lots of news about him over the coming months. I think our routines will take on a new meaning from now on - not sure if that is in a good or a bad way! Labrador puppies need a lot of feeding and take a lot of exercising!!

Anyway, as a result of me becoming a surrogate mummy, I am taking a few days out of the shop. Shock, horror! Can you believe it? AND my timing is awful. Everything was geared up for Nicky to be running the shop and then she finds out that Gavin has got to go into hospital for his operation. Blast! But the girls have all pulled together and set up a routine to cover everything. Lovely Ladies!

So I need you all to pop in and see them during this week, so that they feel loved. It would, also, be worth your while popping in to see all the new things that have arrived!

Christmas has come with a bang. Loads of new things and yesterday (Friday) Pepper and Friends came in. Check out the expression on the face of the Frog, he is gorgeous. As strange as it might seem, I have a feeling that the Frog will feature heavily in the Courteney Household Christmas cards this year.

Also, just arrived, is the next batch of the Tonic Studio punched and the border system. Fantastic fun to use. (shhhh, keep it under your hat, but some Martha Stewart punches should be in on Tuesday).

For the bead shop, by mid week there should be a consignment of new Toho beads. We have ordered some of their 'Treasures' range, which are the Toho equivalent of the Delicas.
Lots of things happening.

I have started looking at the possibility of the coach for the NEC, but I do need to have more feed back from you Ladies if you wish to go. I did get a couple of replies from the last newsletter, but I will need to have more.

Remember that Dulcie Johnson, Creator of Milton & co from Wild Rose Studios, will be with us on the 4th September. She will be demonstrating in the shop from 10am 'til 2pm and then in the afternoon she will be teaching in the Promarker Class. The class is filling up, so if you want to book a place get in NOW!

The Promarker class is £7.50 a head and runs from 2 'til 4 pm.

Anyway, that is it for now. I am going to get ready to collect the new puppy. Watch out for lots of pictures on the blog and our facebook. And remember to call into the shop and give Nicky a hug.

Have a good weekend.

Lynn and the Girls x

Friday, 13 August 2010

New look Flutterby Crafts blog

So, Joanna says 'Lynn, the blog looks boring it needs jazzing up' (or words to that effect). So I say 'then do it' (or words to that effect). Then this morning I get an email saying 'Hey, Lynn, I have been playing with the blog. What do you think?'.

Well, what do YOU think?

I think it looks fabulous. Thank you so much Joanna.

Each time I look at it, I smile. It is so cheerful.

Joanna won't be writing here for a few weeks, she is having a much needed rest, (Have a great time Joanna and thank you for all your work.), but she has left us with a great looking blog full of interesting information. I will try to keep you all updated while Joanna is away (beginning with the Wild Rose Christmas range arriving on Tuesday).

Have a good weekend.

Lynn x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Newsletter - Aug 2010

Hi Everybody

I hope you are all well and surviving the summer holidays. What a shame that the weather has turned. Still, it seems to be par for the course - school holidays = miserable weather!!

Never mind, I am just about to make you feel even more miserable!!

We did not quite beat Harrods and Selfridges, but I am sad to say that Christmas has arrived at Flutterby's!!!

How awful is that? Mind you, there is some gorgeous bits and pieces. Our first delivery was the Kars range which has some gorgeous embellishments, fun clear stamps, as well as beautiful papers. And, any day now, we will be taking stock of Pepper and his friends. Also, watch out for the Wild Rose Christmas designs (again, they will be in the shop any day).

Sorry to have spoken the 'C' word this early in the year, but that is how we Crafters work. Maybe we should all belong to the Boy Scout movement - be prepared!!

Talking of Wild Rose, remember that Dulcie (from Wild Rose) will be here on the 4th September for the day!

So now let's move on to more Autumny things. Firstly, the new term workshop brochure is now ready. You can either collect it from the shop (what a good excuse to come and visit us!) or you can download it (boring) by clicking here.

We are introducing two new workshops in September. Firstly, Nicky will be running a monthly Friday morning Promarker Club and I will be running an alternate Wednesday afternoon Jo Sonjas class. All the details are in the brochure, but if you would like more information call in the shop and have a chat or give us a call.

Another thing that is coming up in the run up to Christmas (sorry, that word again) is the HobbyCraft show at the NEC. I keep being asked if we are going to be running a coach this year. I am considering it but it will be dependant on how many people are interested in coming. The prepaid tickets for the Show this year are £8.20 per adult and £7.20 per senior, children under 16 enter free. I envisage the coach costing something in the region of £18 per head across the board, all ages. And we will be going on the Sunday.

If you are interest, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If I do not get any response, I will assume you are not interested and I won't carry on with the planning of it.

Now for an update on the fundraising for Cancer Research. If you came to the Crafters Car Boot sale earlier in the year, you may have met a young man called Luke Rivers whose Nan (Pam Kitch) was helping him to raise his own funds for Cancer Research. Basically, Luke's Great-Grandma died from cancer last year and he wants to raise some money to give to the Doctors so that they can find a cure for this dreadful disease.

Luke, who is only 7 years old, is doing all sorts of activities to raise this money - sponsored cycle rides, selling Nannys crafts (well done, Pam) and things like that. I would like us to help him reach his goal. So - from now on, if anybody comes into the shop to buy something and does not take a carrier bag (how green!?) we will put some pennies into the pot. Hopefully we will help him reach his goal sooner.

So remember, from now on stick a used Tesco carrier bag in your handbag ready for your goodies and we will put some pennies in the pot! (it might also help smuggling in stuff without HIM knowing about it!!)

There you go, another newsletter written. Only one thing left to mention. Buzz comes home in ten days time. Watch out on the blog for loads of photos and tales of a mischievious puppy.

Talking of photos on the blog, have you seen the gorgeous photos of beads that Joanna has posted on the blog? She is a darling and loves keeping you all up to date with details of what is going on.

Anyway, time to send this and get myself a drink before I finish making my latest bracelet. I promised Ruth it would be completed by the time she came into the shop on Thursday.

Happy Crafting and remember to bring in a bag when you come into get your Christmas stash.

Best wishes.

Lynn and the Girls

Monday, 9 August 2010

Beads galore!

Lynn has had delivery of some delicious beads......FEAST YOUR EYES on these beauties.

Psst, I had a comic moment photographing these today. I had the beads placed outside on what I thought was a flat surface. Oh no, the beads kept rolling around all over the place so after a few attempts I went inside to find some material more suitable for photographing them! Sorry Lynn, a few beads are now glistening in my flower beds!

Can you see that Lynn has been playing with these wooden beads? The bead in the top right hand corner has been painted, with I guess, some Jo Sonja iridescent paint to give a different effect.

Why not pop into the shop and see what items of jewellery Lynn and Ruth have made with these NEW beads.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

NEW Autumn Workshop Calendar!!!!!

Yes, can you believe it, the NEW Autumn Workshop Calendar is out for your collection in the shop or your own printable copy from the website. Please note that you may have to adjust your printing options if you print the calendar out at home but you will get the gist.

Please click on the leaflet to take you to your
printable Autumn 2010 Workshop Calendar

There are a few changes to the calendar but they are good and Lynn should be following up with a newsletter to tell you about them.

So tell us what you think of the format and classes on offer, we would love your comments.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kids Holiday Kraft Klub

Oh dear, I wish I was a kid and could join in the Kids Holiday Kraft Klub next week. They are going to have such fun next week making these projects.

Isn't this bracelet gorgeous! It is a twisted memory wire bracelet and I am sure the kids are going to come up with some wonderful colour combinations.

For the scrapbooking project they will be making a lovely mini album. Here is a photo of the back and it's upto the kids to decorate their albums with papers, photos and embellishments.

Remember to click here for more details.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ribbon Box

Here is a lovely flat packed box decorated by Lynn with Jo Sonja medium and napkins. A very useful box to store your lovely ribbons, don't you think?

If you would like to learn more about Jo Sonja paints and mediums why not check out the Jo Sonja workshop held on the 2nd Saturday of each month as from September.