Monday, 8 September 2008

Another week has flown by!

Well gosh its monday morning here already. Lynn is having a well earned break this week, bet she won't stay away all week LOL!

On Sunday Nicky and Lynn went of to Woodware for a retailer training day, where they were using the NEw Francoise Read stamps and being taught by the lady herself. So watch out to see what they got upto whilst there.

Me myself I was at Wrexham Artstamp show, which turned out to be quite an adventure thanks to the atrocious weather this weekend, We all hope you are all dry, safe and well!

Lynns Newsletter went out and for those that are not on our e-mailing list, the newsletter is printed below

So its goodbye from me for now and over to Lynn:-

Hi Everybody

Did you all survive the school summer holidays? What grotty weather! We had a great time, though. reality Ruth, Catherine and the Children had a great time - I just showed everybody where they needed to be and supplied the crafty bits!!

So, the Kids are back at school and life (as we know it!) settles down to normal (Nicky is back working mornings, hurray!). The dark nights are coming (bleak by 8pm!), so time for loads of crafting and I am, hopefully, going to kick start it for you with this newsletter.

Let us begin by making a nice cup of whatever you like to drink and settling down for a long read. This letter is FULL of news, so it is going to be VERY long. Sorry, but I think you will like it.

Where do I start? Let's begin with the workshops.

If you look at our website, you will find that all the workshops have been updated with all this terms information (we are introducing a few new classes). If you look at our website you will also find that there have been other changes going on.
Apart from the workshop updates there has been a blog started, we have a poll, details have been put on about the girls and some new gallery items have been added.

How is all this for 'wonders will never cease, Flutterby's getting the internet sorted!'? And at what point in the early hours of the morning did I get all this work done? Well, I better let you into the secret so that you will all realise that I am not quite the heroine you all thought.
I did not do it (no surprise there, then!).

We have a new member of the team! And she is going to be in charge of co-ordinating the workshops, setting up a programme of demonstrations and dragging us into the 21st century with the internet.

Who is this paragon of virtue? It is someone that we all know and love, Tracy Watkiss.

Tracy will be working for us from a distance (for a while, 'til we manage to force her to move up here!) and coming up monthly to work in the shop (mind you, having read what she says about us, she might get the sack before has the chance to make her first visit!).
Then we thought, if we are going to have Tracy working with us and she is going to be setting up a demonstration programme, we had better set up somewhere where the demonstrators can....well.....demonstrate. We looked at moving the papers around in the paper shop, but could not fit it all in. What are we going to do?
No point in Tracy doing all that work organising things if we have no where to enjoy it. So we thought we had better move the papercrafting shop into a bigger space!

So we are moving!!!

But, before you start hyperventillating, don't worry - we are not moving too far. Only as far as the next building, into the shop that used to be the motorcross shop.

Think of all that extra space. Think about a permenant seated area where demonstrations can be set up at any time. Think about being able to sit comfortably and look through the peel-offs & decoupage sheets at your leisure. Think about somewhere that hubby can comfortably sit and wait out his time, while you have a quiet wonder around. Think about full wheelchair access into the shop. Think about no more stairs into the shop. How do all think these things sound?
I know that some of you had already heard about the move - but now you all know about it.
The work starts on the unit during the next week (after 15+ years of motorbikes, there is a lot of work to be done!) and we are hoping to have the big opening sometime in the middle of October. So watch out for more details as the time goes on.

Oh, and we will be increasing our opening times by opening on Sundays.

How is all that for exciting news?!?

And what is happening to the other shops? Well, the bead shop will stay as it is and the old papershop will become a gift shop where we will sell the bits & pieces that we make when demonstrating and showing off - of course you can also use our masterpieces to get inspiration.
Well, with all that going on - what else have I go to tell you?

Ah, I suppose I had better give you all the info about the NEC coach trip - you are all badgering me for the details! It takes place on the 16th November. The cost is £24.50 for adults, £23.50 for consessions and £16 for the under 16's (this includes the entrance ticket). We will be leaving Flutterby's at 8.30 am and will be leaving the NEC at 4pm. I have put an application form on the website on the events page and forms are available in the shop.

Remember that your ticket also lets you into the Crafts for Christmas show. If anybody would like to use the coach trip to visit one of the other shows being held that day, please can you let me know. We are happy for anybody to purchase a seat on the coach, but I cannot guarantee that we can get the advance tickets - you may have to organise your own ticket. Talk to me and I will see what I can do.

Now, what else? We are starting a Drop-in-Jewellery class for a Thursday lunchtime. Details are on the website. We are arranging some Saturday Christmas Gift & Greetings workshops - more details coming soon (if I can drag Tracy away from playing with blogs & stuff!!).
So, how was all that? Exciting times or what? Probably you have all finished your drink now and you are itching to get up and stretch your legs. I won't keep you much longer.
I just needed to get in a quick word about my favourite subject. It would not be my newsletter if I did not mention her. Darling little Jet is a chip off of the old block. She loves finger painting!! A crafter at 14 months!! Wow! I have some lovely masterpieces. What a great Mum she has, who lets her just go for all that mess and have wonderful fun. Marvellous!
Right go and have that leg stretch, make a fresh drink, take a look at the website, then get on with that crafting.
Have a great weekend.
Regards, Lynn & the Girls (including Tracy!)

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ENJAY said...

Hello, I've often wondered where you are! Im only in Shinfield so will be coming to see you shortly,well as soon as a new exhaust gets put on car,as it feel off friday noooo my crafting muni!!
Looking forward to visiting your shop.