Friday, 19 September 2008

Good morning- to you all

Just to give you something pretty to see, the picture is of a card I made using the Jo Sonjas' paints and mediums. All products are available in the shop.

Well What a busy time we are having here at flutterby.

Not one, not two, not even three but four Distributor reps came into the shop today, and of course Lynn had to order with all four as all the delicious goodies are irresistible.

So what happening in our world.

So much at the moment - the work on the new shop is coming along nicely we have a nice new floor all done on the inside. The outside paving area is done to spec and we even have a nice little rockery put in.

Lynn will be taking photos so we can see the progress being made for before and after shots.

Nicky is off On her Hols soon - Who said she could go and why is she not taking all of us thats'
what we want to know. LOL!!! Don't panic she does not go till the last week of September beginning of October so still a couple of workshops to do before she can swan off and relax.

How is lynn going to cope, Ha Ha, she has kindly asked me to come up and give you all headache for the week, so if you have got any questions pop in, it would be lovely to see some of you. I am not saying I will get much work done but will try.

We will all be getting together over that week to discuss exciting things and special evening events and the Sunday specials. Oh err was I supposed to mention that yet. OOOPPPSS to late.

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