Monday, 4 November 2013

A Big Thank You!

Hi Everybody
This will be my last newsletter as Flutterby Crafts and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to show you all the new signage that has been put up over the shop.  It is looking really good.
It was wonderful to see so many people at the shop on Saturday.  Including some lovely surprises (Julie, Deborah and Honor all travelled such a long way).  It was lovely to receive so many gifts and cards.  It was quite overwhelming at times.  So overwhelming that I know I did not manage to speak to everybody or to thank enough of you.
So I am going to be signing out with a big
to everybody that has supported me over the past 9 years - Staff, Customers, traders, demonstrators, teachers and everybody that I cannot remember.  All of you have given me so much during this time and I will cherish my memories forever.
I know that Cate and Nicky will take care of you all and that a warm welcome will always be available at The Mulberry Bush.
With love and best wishes from
Lynn xx