Thursday, 12 August 2010

Newsletter - Aug 2010

Hi Everybody

I hope you are all well and surviving the summer holidays. What a shame that the weather has turned. Still, it seems to be par for the course - school holidays = miserable weather!!

Never mind, I am just about to make you feel even more miserable!!

We did not quite beat Harrods and Selfridges, but I am sad to say that Christmas has arrived at Flutterby's!!!

How awful is that? Mind you, there is some gorgeous bits and pieces. Our first delivery was the Kars range which has some gorgeous embellishments, fun clear stamps, as well as beautiful papers. And, any day now, we will be taking stock of Pepper and his friends. Also, watch out for the Wild Rose Christmas designs (again, they will be in the shop any day).

Sorry to have spoken the 'C' word this early in the year, but that is how we Crafters work. Maybe we should all belong to the Boy Scout movement - be prepared!!

Talking of Wild Rose, remember that Dulcie (from Wild Rose) will be here on the 4th September for the day!

So now let's move on to more Autumny things. Firstly, the new term workshop brochure is now ready. You can either collect it from the shop (what a good excuse to come and visit us!) or you can download it (boring) by clicking here.

We are introducing two new workshops in September. Firstly, Nicky will be running a monthly Friday morning Promarker Club and I will be running an alternate Wednesday afternoon Jo Sonjas class. All the details are in the brochure, but if you would like more information call in the shop and have a chat or give us a call.

Another thing that is coming up in the run up to Christmas (sorry, that word again) is the HobbyCraft show at the NEC. I keep being asked if we are going to be running a coach this year. I am considering it but it will be dependant on how many people are interested in coming. The prepaid tickets for the Show this year are £8.20 per adult and £7.20 per senior, children under 16 enter free. I envisage the coach costing something in the region of £18 per head across the board, all ages. And we will be going on the Sunday.

If you are interest, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If I do not get any response, I will assume you are not interested and I won't carry on with the planning of it.

Now for an update on the fundraising for Cancer Research. If you came to the Crafters Car Boot sale earlier in the year, you may have met a young man called Luke Rivers whose Nan (Pam Kitch) was helping him to raise his own funds for Cancer Research. Basically, Luke's Great-Grandma died from cancer last year and he wants to raise some money to give to the Doctors so that they can find a cure for this dreadful disease.

Luke, who is only 7 years old, is doing all sorts of activities to raise this money - sponsored cycle rides, selling Nannys crafts (well done, Pam) and things like that. I would like us to help him reach his goal. So - from now on, if anybody comes into the shop to buy something and does not take a carrier bag (how green!?) we will put some pennies into the pot. Hopefully we will help him reach his goal sooner.

So remember, from now on stick a used Tesco carrier bag in your handbag ready for your goodies and we will put some pennies in the pot! (it might also help smuggling in stuff without HIM knowing about it!!)

There you go, another newsletter written. Only one thing left to mention. Buzz comes home in ten days time. Watch out on the blog for loads of photos and tales of a mischievious puppy.

Talking of photos on the blog, have you seen the gorgeous photos of beads that Joanna has posted on the blog? She is a darling and loves keeping you all up to date with details of what is going on.

Anyway, time to send this and get myself a drink before I finish making my latest bracelet. I promised Ruth it would be completed by the time she came into the shop on Thursday.

Happy Crafting and remember to bring in a bag when you come into get your Christmas stash.

Best wishes.

Lynn and the Girls

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