Friday, 13 August 2010

New look Flutterby Crafts blog

So, Joanna says 'Lynn, the blog looks boring it needs jazzing up' (or words to that effect). So I say 'then do it' (or words to that effect). Then this morning I get an email saying 'Hey, Lynn, I have been playing with the blog. What do you think?'.

Well, what do YOU think?

I think it looks fabulous. Thank you so much Joanna.

Each time I look at it, I smile. It is so cheerful.

Joanna won't be writing here for a few weeks, she is having a much needed rest, (Have a great time Joanna and thank you for all your work.), but she has left us with a great looking blog full of interesting information. I will try to keep you all updated while Joanna is away (beginning with the Wild Rose Christmas range arriving on Tuesday).

Have a good weekend.

Lynn x

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Anonymous said...

I love it :)