Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafters Car Boot Sale

Customers busy, busy buying more crafting supplies!

Some very kind customers donated their crafting stash to raise funds for Cancer Research. Doesn't Anne look the part!

Here is Maria showing us all the amazing things you can decorate with Napkins. She came last year to a Jo Sonja workshop at Flutterby Crafts and she is now officially addicted to Napkins!

Well the sun shone - something that does not usually happen when Flutterby Crafts has an event!!!

It was a great day. A bit cold at times, but we buttoned up our jackets and enjoyed the fact that the sun was shining.

We had 12 car boots open (not bad for our first one!) and lots of people came out to see us. Maria, Fiona, Pam and Peter were showing off their crafts - lovely work and the others were clearing out some of their old stash.

We had some really tasty cakes and biscuits brought in by Pauline, Susan and Joanna (I fear I put on a few pounds yesterday, despite all the running around!)

Baby Freja was there enjoying a cuddle from Grandma and anybody else that could get their hands on her - I enjoyed a cuddle or two.

Joanna was with us in the morning as our official photographer, so hopefully we will have some good photos on the blog during the week.

(Lynn doesn't know that I have sneaked these photos into her blog entry.....I may be in trouble with Lynn and Nicky with this photo! - Joanna)

Look at the lady who made this event a success in her TIARA!

And the grand result was that we raised a wonderful £313.51 for Cancer Research. Thank you all very much for your donations and your efforts.

I am going to go make a cup of tea now and put my feet up for a while in readiness for spending a pleasant Sunday pottering in the garden.

Have a good day, Ladies and pat yourselves on the back.


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Just Tracys Crafts said...

Great Job ladies, Good on you.

Just love the Tiara matey, and nicky you look divine.

Tracy xx