Monday, 20 October 2008

Wow. What a weekend we had! It was great. Michelle was on good form and made some wonderfull books & bits using the Bind-it-all and Graham stamped away on Saturday. Michelle and Tracy then held court on Sunday, Tracy made some gorgeous cards using the Jo Sonja Decor Crackle, mirraboard and a serviette (but don't tell that I said they are good!!) whilst Katie did a great job in the Bead shop all weekend.

It was such hard work getting the shops ready, but we got there - although behind the scenes things are in terrible disarray!! Nicky and Ruth did a wonderful job of organising both shops, Tracy set us up with some good entertainment for the weekend and Anne worked the urn well making masses of teas/coffee. Thank you girls for all of your help.

Anne had to work the urn because the Hubby (our usual tea-boy) decided to go off fishing with Dale (Tracy's hubby) - hence the photos at the top of the page!! He seemed to think that all of his hard work and the fact that it was his birthday meant that he could skive for the weekend. Don't worry I will sort it out with him - he will not be getting away with it!

Also I had some VERY special visitors on Saturday. My Mummy and Daddy turned up for the opening. It was such a wonderful surprise. They live over 120 miles away and because I had a house full of visitors for the weekend they were unable to stay. So it was wonderful that they drove all the way over here just for a few hours and then had that horrible drive around the M25 to get back home. They really are the best and I love them dearly!

Anyway, I have put some photos of the new shop at the top of the page - so you can see what a treat it is. I could not find my camera when all the fun was going on, so there are no 'action' shots - but it was good fun.

I will take some photos of the bead shop and try to get them on here soon.

After all that excitement what did I do today? Back to normal - housework and some painting of my new office!

Thank goodness the rain was today and not over the weekend.

So I think I am going to go off to bed now and get some well earned sleep.

Talk soon. Lynn x


Cazzy said...

What a gorgeous shop, good luck with it. I wish I lived near it, I would be there!

Kathleen said...

I'm glad the weekend was a success. I had a great weekend and learnt some stuff which is always a bonus.
Don't worry - I won't tell Tracy her cards were great (even though they were!!)
Hopefully I'll see you again soon and keeping my fingers crossed for the DT!
Kathleen xx