Monday, 13 October 2008

I am speechless!!

Yes, it is true. I am speechless!

It is 'The Boss' here. I have wrestled the blog away from Tracy for a few minutes. I need to speak about the most amazing couple days that I have just experienced.

On Saturday evening, when Grant and I left the shops, I could not for one moment imagine how we were ever going to get the shops moved and everything ready for the 'Grand Opening' next Saturday.

Grant and I went into the new shop early yesterday morning (7.30am on a Sunday!!). The carpets were all covered in mess, there were tools all over the place - it was a state.

We set to work! By 10am the tools were cleared and the carpets had been cleaned. It looked clean & tidy, but empty. Then people started arriving. So many of you came! It was brilliant.

I have never experienced anything so uplifting. It was amazing.

Within an hour or so the old papershop was empty and the new shop was a mass of boxes full of bits needing homes. While some of the ladies set to work filling the shelves in the new shop, others set about cleaning the old papershop.

Then the men went to work. Shelves were taken down, slatboard was moved about and suddenly the old papershop became the new Bead shop.

By 4pm the New Papershop had full shelves and walls, the New Bead shop was filling beautifully. Everything ready for tweeking during the rest of this week.

Grant and I were totally overwhelmed. It was wonderful and I cannot even begin to thank everybody enough.

Then today we arrived to start tweeking and we find that even more of our wonderful friends and customers turned up to help.

It has been a fabulous weekend and I cannot thank everybody enough for all the help that has been given to us.

When you all see it next weekend you will see that all the hard work has been worth it. West Berkshire has a most amazing new craft shop! We look forward to seeing you.

Lynn x

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CraftyTracy said...

Speechless you, no, never, I don't believe it.

Any way what you doing, on here. Why are you not working LOL!!!