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Newsletter - December 2011

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!!

Hi Everybody

Only 1 week to go until my favourite day!

Now, I can hear you thinking 'what is that woman on?  It is more than 1 week til Christmas'.  I am not mad (well, not too mad!).

My favourite day in the whole year is the 21st December!!  That is the shortest day of the year (follow my thoughts, now) and the 22nd December is the first day in which the evening start to get lighter.  Brilliant.

But, that does also mean that Christmas is just around the corner.  The girls and I are looking forward to a little break.  Catching up with the family and (hopefully) doing a little bit of crafting for ourselves. 

So this (probably) will be the last full newsletter before the New Year.  This is an important newsletter that you must hang on to, because it will have the details of our opening times over Christmas/New Year (down the bottom of the page) AND it contains a little pressie for you for the New Year.

Those of you that have already looked at the bottom of the page, will see that I am opening for a little while between the holiday weekends.  On those days I will be putting some of the stock on special offer.  There will be various bits discounted up to 40% off!!  So make sure you pop in and see what is happening.

In the last newsletter I wrote 'On the Thursday, between Christmas and New Year, would any of you fancy a quick get-away?' - if you cannot remember, this link will lead you to a copy of the letter:

Now, I am still happy to organise this if anybody is interested, but I will need to have some idea if people will turn up - it would not be fair for me to ask the girls to come in if no one is going to come.  So, please, do let me know if you are interested.

Remember that, as usual, we will be closed for the first couple of days in the New Year, for our annual stock take (yuk!!).  If any of you are bored on that first Tuesday and Wednesday in the New Year, come and join us counting papers & beads!!  We have quite a laugh actually.

This week is the last run of the workshops until the New Year.  The classes kick off on the 7th January with the first Promarker club.  The first one will be a very special one, because we are getting in stock the Flexmarker!!

If you are a dedicated Promarker user you will, no doubt, have heard about the Flexmarker Pens.  We are bringing them in to stock in singles and there are some stunning colours.  The Flexmarker works with the Promarkers - so you do not need to change, you can just add!!

The new workshop brochure is in production at the moment and I will let you all know about it once it is out.  Of course, it will be published on the website and the blog - which brings me nicely into telling you about the first of some of our changes

Our NEW WEBSITE will be up and running before Christmas!  Joanna is just checking it out to make sure that I have not made any big boo-boo's!

I have built it myself and I can say quite categorically that I am very pleased with it.  I have made it so it matches the blog - but just slightly different.  Once it goes 'live' I will let you all know.

The other thing is that we will be introducing a few new ideas for classes, there is going to be a Beginners Knitting Class starting in January - it is a 6 week workshop and will be run by a lovely lady called Amanda Bond.

Amanda is extremely talented knitter and so good that she writes her own patterns (I am impressed!).  I am looking forward to working with her.

And there will be a Thursday Craft Club - not finalised all the details yet, but watch this space for more information.

Ohh! Lots to intrigue you!!  Loads to watch out for!  Exciting times.  Roll on 2012.

So I am now going to leave you to enjoy yourselves continuing to prepare for the Christmas break.  You never know but I might get some organising done myself (ha! ha!).  But I will leave you with this picture and a question for you - where do you think the adult sit in our house?

I can hear you all laughing! 

Have a great Christmas and very best wishes for the New Year? 

With love from

Lynn and the Girls. xx

Ps send me an email telling me how many times I have typed the word Christmas in this newsletter and I will put your name into a draw to win a workshop voucher! x

Flutterby Crafts Ltd, The Barns, Lower Henwick Farm, Turnpike Road,
Thatcham, RG18 3AP

opening times : Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am 'til 5pm  
 email:   tel - 01635 860900 
Christmas Opening Times

24th December - 10am 'til 12.30
25th December til 28th December - Closed
29th December - 10.30am 'til 3pm
30th December - 10.30am 'til 3pm
31st December - 10am 'til 12.30
1st January - 4th January - Closed for Stock Take
Re-open 5th Janaury times as normal

Happy New Year from Flutterby Crafts

Let us help kick start your

New Year of Crafting
with a 10% off your shopping

Bring this voucher with you on your first visit for the Year.
valid for the period 5th January until the 31st January
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