Friday, 2 December 2011

Newsletter - December 2011

22 sleeps  
No pressure then!!

Hi Everybody

Well, I am sitting here with a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit so, I guess, you had better do the same - not sure how much rambling I am going to be able to do!!

How sad is it that we are already onto the final few weeks of countdown to Christmas?  And how many of you ar ready for it?  'Cos I know that I am not anywhere near ready!!

But, I will tell you something that will surprise you all (so I hope you are sitting down!!) I had a week off!!  A holiday, a break!!  Did not do much just cleaned the kitchen, sorted out some cupboards and had some fun.  We had a day out to met Helen and Jet at the Bristol Aquarium, it was brilliant.  So lovely to see them. 

And the we had a house full of dogs - couldn't say that was brilliant.  Manic - yes, brilliant? probably not! But it was fun.  Honey (Mum of Buzz & Kite) came to stay with Poppy (Kites Sister).  So we had Kip (miserable old boy), Bridie (on speed!), Honey (4 years old but still feeling like a puppy), Buzz (15 months old and still considers himself a puppy), Kite and Poppy (14 weeks old and definitely puppies!!).  Oh, boy!  Feeding time was fun!

This picture shows Honey being ambushed by her three hooligan children!!  I tried taking lots of pictures, but they kept moving before the camera clicked!!


So, anyway - I have come back this week for a well earned rest, yes I know I am supposed to GO for a rest not come back for a rest!!  Ho hum.  And we are into December, countdown to that most manic time of the year which will leave us exhausted and wondering what all the fuss was about!!

How miserable and cynical that sounded!! Ba, humbug!  Sorry.

But we have got some things happening to take us up to that magical time!

Tomorrow is Knit'n'Natter day - 10 'til 4 in the Bead'n'Bits shop.  Come for a short time, come for all day - it is up to you!  It does not cost anything, but we do ask for donations to our chosen charity for the teas & biscuits!!

And then, in the afternoon, it is Promarker Club.  2 'til 4 (or there abouts) - the last one before the end of the year, how sad is that.  Not sure what Nicky has up her sleeve, but she doesn't usually let you down!!

Saturday, the 10th will be the last Jo Sonja's of the year (sob!), so if you have in mind to do the napkin art on any Christmas pressies, this will be your last opportunity.

If you have youngsters that fancy having a go at a bit of crafting, the 19th is the day for you.  We will be helping them to make some lush Chrissy pressies perfect for Mum or Dad, Nan or Grandad.  It will be for 7 years upwards and there will be two tables (Gift for Her and Gift for Him) and it will cost £7.50 per gift, each gift taking around an hour!!!  Please book your youngster in as places will be limited.

I tell you what, I should be the size of a house (not comments!), I am eating choccy biscuits like fury while typing this!!

The 19th will be the last of our workshops for this year, but I have something for you all to ponder.

On the Thursday, between Christmas and New Year, would any of you fancy a quick get-away? 

The idea is that we will have the tables out in the shop and you can bring your crafting stuff - especially if you got some new gear for Christmas and need some inspiration with it.  It will be a turkey & pudding free zone!  Not a Christmas cracker in sight! 

Nicky will be here to help if you have received some stamps & are not sure what to do with them.  Catherine will be here to help kick start the scrap-booking.  Ruth & I will be here with the answer to Jewellery & Knitting.

If you think it would be a good idea, please let me know and I will continue with the arrangements.  I will be looking to have it running from 11 'til 3pm and, of course, you will probably get permission to leave the house so that hubby can veg in front of the tv & have a good snore!!

Well, I have run out of choccy biscuits so I am going to call it a day there.

Only to add that we have a load of new beads in the shop. 

Watch out for changes to the demo area - we can feel a make-over coming up.  And the new workshop brochure should be out very soon, with some exciting news about additional classes.

We will see you tomorrow at the Knit'n'Natter

With best regards

Lynn and the Girls. xx

ps Remember to watch the blog for all the latest information and, if you cannot get in here but need some supplies, check out the online shop

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