Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hi Everybody
This really, truely is the very last newsletter for 2011!! And I promise I am not going to drool on for too long.
I just wanted to wish you all one final Merry Christmas. I also wanted to congratulate Kath Clouston for winning the little competition that I set in the last newsletter. Kath has won a voucher for workshop, well done!!
Just to let you know that I typed Christmas 10 times!!!
The shop is now shut and I am sitting with my feet up. I currently have a cup of tea in my hand, but I will probably be having something a little bit stronger once I have finished typing this (that will guarantee that I won't talk for too long!!).
We will be re-opening on Thursday morning (29th December) 10 'til 3pm. Thursday will be the first day of our pre-stocktake sale. We will be having 20% off of all purchases across both shops with 40% off of Christmas stock.
Also, on Thursday we will be having an Get Away Craft Day. If you fancy a break from the housework, the kids and the hubby - if you want to give them a chance to watch the tv and play their computer games, why don't you come and join us. Knit and natter, scrap and chat, daub and dawdle, bead and banter, make and mutter. If you got any craft goodies for Christmas and want help or would just like to sit and play, come and join us. 11am 'til 3pm. Pop in for 10mins or stay all day.
Now, I did not manage to get the new website live - anybody know how to get someone in Thus/Demon to understand human speech?!?!? But, thanks to Joanna, we have got the new workshop brochure completed. If you would like a copy, please email me at and I will send it to you.
Well that is it. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will see you next week for the sale and the Get Away Craft Day.

With love from
Lynn and the Girls. xx
PS: here are our opening times over the Christmas period:
24th December - 10am 'til 12.30
25th December til 28th December - Closed
29th December - 10.30am 'til 3pm
30th December - 10.30am 'til 3pm
31st December - 10am 'til 12.30
1st January - 4th January - Closed for Stock Take
Re-open 5th Janaury times as normal
Have a great holiday. xx

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