Monday, 12 December 2011

Jo Sonja workshop with napkins

Well, if you popped into the shop on Saturday you will have seen a flurry of activity.  Lynn could not run the last Jo Sonja class (of the year)  in the workshop so she ran it downstairs in the shop.

You should have seen what the ladies were making....some gorgeous gifts for Christmas using 
Jo Sonja's paints and mediums with napkins.

I warn you there are lots of photos (and the lighting is not great) but I wanted to share with you the lovely decorated items that Pauline, Hannah, Jackie, Mel, Corrine and Effie made on Saturday under the guidance of Lynn. 

The photos are of projects that they were working on whilst I popped in and are not completed.

I think Lynn enjoyed the afternoon as much as the ladies, even though she didn't get a cuppa all afternoon!

Here are the ladies in the shop busy, busy!

Jackie made this lovely Christmas Bauble for her DAD using napkins and Jo Sonja's paints.  

Jackie also decorated this candle using napkins and some
Jo Sonja's Opal Dust to give the sparkly effect.

She also started to decorate this glass tray.
Click here to see our choice of napkins on-line and lots more in the shop.
Hannah decorated 3 polystyrene stars with napkins and ribbons.

Hannah said she was going to make a garland out of her handmade stars.

Corrine decorated this 'Home' monologue, which she said she had made for herself!

Pauline decorated a wooden Christmas Tree and used some of the new Artemio wooden shapes.

This was Effie's first time to a Jo Sonja's workshop and she decorated
this stunning bauble using napkins.
Here is Effie, proud as punch to share with you her (unfinished) glass tray.

The phrase "Didn't they do well" comes to my mind!

Please click on the links below to find the items used to make the above gifts :-

Look out for lots of NEW Jo Sonja's classes during 2012 with Lynn and Liz Black.

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Lynn said...

We had a great time and the ladies made wonderful decorations. See you all in class in the New Year. xx