Thursday, 4 March 2010

Newsletter - 4th March

Hello Everybody

What a beautiful day it has been. It was a gorgeous morning - frosty, crisp and clear - when I walked the dogs, and it just got better as the day went on. Such a good day that I was able to break open all the doors and windows to get some fresh air through the house. It has made such a difference. I have just come in from walking the dogs (again!) and it is a clear, crisp, starry starry night. Wonderful!!

What a lovely start to this newsletter. Hopefully now we are on the upward surge to summer. I have got a lot to tell you all about, so settle down - maybe even make yourself a cuppa before you start.

It has been a very busy few weeks since I last wrote and so much has happened. It started with the amazing response that I had to the news about the Craft Retreat in October. Thank you all that responded. If you requested it, you should have had your info pack by now. I understand that a lot of people did not receive the Craft Retreat newsletter, so if you want it please let me know.

Places are starting to fill for the Retreat (I am not sure if it is the crafting or the idea of the spa that is the draw!) and at the end of this month the details will be sent out on the general web, so if you are thinking about it - now is the time to get in there.

Anyway, I was just getting the Retreat info packs out when my computer in the office blew up. Not just the usual power pack giving up the ghost, but it took the motherboard with it. Nightmare! I didn't realise how much I rely on the 'puter for running the business until I was without it.

Luckily I know a very nice man who came, recovered my hard drive and loaded it onto my lap top while I decided what to do. Thank goodness I have a spare PC at home that is going to, magically, become the shop PC. The only problem has been the accessing of emails. So if you have emailed me over the past two weeks and I have not replied, I do apologise. Things should be back to normal by the end of this week.

In the meantime loads of things have been happening. Firstly we had the Half-term Kids Klub and there were some new faces amongst the youngsters. As usual they had some great fun making jewellery and a mini-scrapbook (pictures on the blog). Remember that this coming Saturday is Kids Klub Saturday morning (10.30 'til 12.30 peace and quiet), get your youngster booked in and they might make something good for you for Mothers Day!!

Talking of this Saturday, it is also Promarker Club in the afternoon (2'til 4) - I am not sure what Nicky will be teaching this week but I am sure it will be a lot of fun. Last months club was very well attended and the challenge was 'Too Cute for Words'. We have had some beautiful cards entered in the challenge and Joanna has posted them on the blog for you to vote for your favourite. is the place to vote, just click on 'comment' and let us know which is your favourite. There is a prize at stake here, so it is important that as many votes are made as possible, so please press the button (you will also make Joanna VERY happy if you leave a comment on any of the blog entries - it makes all of her hard work feel worthwhile).

Talk of the Promarker prize leads me nicely into the prize draw for the questionaire. Thank you to every body that took part and answered the questions. We will be working our way through the answers over the next few weeks. We had the prize draw on the Thursday of Half-term. We had a very complex system for picking the youngster who picked the number that related to the email address (follow me?) for the winner of the Desktop Daylight Craft Light. And the winner was (roll of drums, please) Val Leaver. Well done, Val. She collected her prize on Saturday and a photo should be up on the Blog by the end of the week.

Val is a regular in the Bead Shop and when she was in on Saturday she was able to see all the new beads that have come in over the past couple of weeks, pictures of which are on the blog. Mind you, judging by the response we have had so far, you need to get in quick not to miss them. There are some gorgeous big feature beads and loads of packs of glass pearls in all sorts of colours. So much to see.

Oh, while I remember, just a very quick mention for the Parchment Club that usually meets on a Thursday morning. They have changed their time to Thursday afternoon, 1 'til 3 pm. I did say that I was going to announce the change in time, from morning to afternoon, with mention to the fact that they wanted it in the afternoon so they could spend longer in bed in the morning - but I won't do that, that would just be too horrible a thing to say.

All that you have just read was written on Monday evening. Now I am writing on Wednesday evening. What happened? Another computer problem!! Can you believe it? Only this time it was not MY computer but the main server that runs the website. I think there is a conspiracy going on.

Anyway, I will now continue on with the next part of the newsletter (I did say it was going to be long!).

Actually this could be good, because more things have occured since Monday. Just need to remember where I was......I've lost track so I will go on with something new.

We went on our annual trip to the trade show last week and we have come back with some exciting new bits and pieces. Firstly we had the Wild Rose Studio range of clear stamps come in (and go out), there are still a few bits left - so watch out for more of the same.

On the clear stamp line we have got some of the Woodware sets due in tomorrow (Thursday) along with a few other new bits of Woodware products (look out for the new brads!). We are expecting in Olivers Orchard and the Stamp It ranges of Clear Stamps along with the Pyramage die-cuts from Buzzcraft. AND any time now, we should have Hunkydory card and decoupage in stock. Oh, and we have the new In-Service decoupage in from Crafts UK. Add to that lot all the new Stix 2 products and you have got a pretty full shop!!! Does your fun never end??

What else is there to mention?

Watch out for the new workshop brochure, we hope to have it out in the next week or so. I am going to be putting in some new workshops for the summer term. So if you are interested in learning about the serviette art or trying a bit of decorative art, watch out - it is all coming to Newbury!!! Keep an eye on the blog, I have a feeling that Joanna will be putting some new pictures up next week that will give you an idea of things to come.

Also, look out for some exciting news about our online shop - due in the next few weeks. So, if you have trouble getting to the shop - this will be for you. Mind you, to help matters along we need Catherine's Baby to sit tight for a few more weeks (sorry, Ruth, I know you are longing to have a cuddle of the little darling!).

And we now have a Facebook Fan Page and a twitter page. How up-to-date is that?

Well, I think I am just about written out now - and I am sure that you have well finished your cup of tea. So remember - if you want information about the retreat, give me a blip (email or phone) or if you have any questions about anything in this newsletter let me know. Remember to vote on the blog for the Promarker Challenge and check out the other entries to find out what is going on (please leave comments - easy instructions).

Have a good week and we will see you soon (Saturday if you like Promarkers!!).

With best wishes

Lynn and the Girls

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