Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Jo Sonja Paints CP Training

Recently Flutterby Crafts was happy to host a training session for the Jo Sonja Creative Possibilities Teachers. It was very interesting and such fun.

Look at the state of that workshop table!!

We started Friday with Liz Black holding an information session where the teachers were able to share experiences with running classes in their studios - a few tales were told there!! After lunch, Nicky was persuaded to hold an inpromptu demonstration of rubber stamping techniques before Fiona Jones gave a demonstration & workshop on the use of the Jo Sonja Crackle mediums.

All tutors very engrossed in a discussion about the size, quality
and uses of different brushes.

On Saturday we played with the Glass & Tile and Textile mediums, using the serviette art techniques. Great fun!! We decorated glass dishes and plimsolls, all to great effect. It is quite encouraging to know that I am not the only crafter that creates a mess, before creating a masterpiece.


A great weekend was held and I, for one, went away well inspired - as you will all see later in the week.

Lynn x

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