Friday, 26 February 2010

ProMarker Challenge - "Too cute for words"

A great response from you ladies, now the challenges are getting underway! We have had 6 entries for the ProMarker Challenge that was set at the recent ProMarker Club. To remind you Nicky's brief for the challenge "Too cute for words" was:-
  1. to use no words or greeting
  2. use a cute image to be coloured with any of your ProMarkers
  3. use at least on other product from Flutterby Crafts, which does not include your ProMarkers!

Card #1

Card #2 Card # 3
Card #4
Card #5 Card #6

Please leave a comment below with your vote or pop into the shop to vote for your favourite card.

The winner will be announced at the next ProMarker Club to be held:-

Saturday, 6th March - 2.00 'til 4.00

Please click here for further details if you would like to book yourself on the next ProMarker Challenge Club.


Anonymous said...

What lovely cards, but I think no 5 has to be my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are really good, but as the sun is shining and my cat is fast asleep in the flower boarder i'm going to vote for number 6.

kfinndailnamine said...

Difficult one. However, for me it has to be card number 3! It tells a story and you can feel the anticipation!! Commendation to card number 6!

Anonymous said...

Card 3 is my fav!

Sharon B

Juliet said...

It must be card No. 2 which reminds me of my granddaughters concern with the geese when she is feeding them

Debbie said...

Love them all but my vote is for the mice with boiled egg, very hard decision though!

angel said...

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angel said...

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Kayleigh said...

I love number 6 I am a cat person so am a sucker for a cat on the card! :) ALthough I love number 3 as well! Well done to all.