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Newsletter - 24th April

Hi Everybody

Well, what a few weeks it has been! Between all the computer problems, not being very well (quite a shock for everybody - I gave in and had a couple of days off sick!!), the weather not knowing if it had turned into spring or still wanted to be winter - things have been very busy.

Bridie is having a great time. If it was not enough that the frogs have appeared in the garden pond, she is now having fun with the beautiful Mummy duck that is trying to make a nest under the Euonymus. The Mummy duck has stood her ground and Bridie is beginning to accept her appearance, but it has been amusing (and noisy) to watch. Hopefully we will have some little ducklings for Jet to see on her next visit. How cool that would be?

Talking of Jet, she has reached that horrible age where she does not like being told 'no'. Oh the tantrums! Nanny and Grandfa experienced it first hand the other week. Luckily Jet has very strong minded parents and she is not getting very far with the screams & tears. Poor little girl!!

It is lovely being a grandparent, when the going gets tough you can sit back, smile and think 'been there, done that'. Marvellous!!

Anyway, down to business. What has been going on in the shops? Well, let me start with the papershop:

The Wild Rose Studio stamps went down very well - as did the paper stacks that came with it. For those of you that missed it we have got the next batch due in sometime over the next few days. When they arrive there will be 20 different stamps and all the different paper stacks (I think there are 6 of these in total!)

We have also got in the Olivers Orchard stamps from Buzzcraft, together with the Stamp-it sets - so many great designs to choose from, they are gorgeous. You ladies are spoilt!!

The HunkyDory and Buzzcraft 3D sheets are all just about in - a few bits are due by Friday. There is a mixture of decoupage and pyramage and so many styles for the men. The designers have really pulled out all the stops this year. Make sure you check out the HunkyDory backing steets, lovely pastel colours.

Today has been spent moving things around for the new albums that have arrived. There are some lovely small event albums - I am looking for a prom to go to so I can make an album (or is it just so I can get dressed up?)

Oh, and while I think of it - I am gradually going to be stopping stocking the Bazzill cardstock and moving over to the ColorCore range. We love the colours, with the core change it is more versatile and the supply is more reliable. Sorry if you love your Bazzill, but please give it a try.

In the bead shop we have got masses of new beads in lovely spring and summer colours (the warmer weather WILL come soon, I promise). The Chinese crystals have been restocked and there are some beautiful large, colourful beads on the centre table. Also I have changed all the displays. Come and check them out and be inspired.

Also, if you like the necklace display busts that we are using let me know - I am getting them in stock for sale. Perfect if you sell your jewellery and want to display them.

So that is the shops, now for the workshops!!

The new workshop listing, for the summer term, is now available from the shop and a downloadable version will be available on the website within the next few days. Keep an eye on the blog, Joanna will let you know when it has been put on there.

Remember that you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, the quickest way of finding out when the blog has been updated. And also, if you leave comments on the blog it helps with our listings on Google as well as making Joanna feel all her hard work is worthwhile.

The Easter holiday Kids Kraft Klub will be running on the Tuesday and Thursday of each week during the Easter Holidays. Ruth is coming up with some great plans.

And then what is going to be happening next term for you all? Loads of exciting things. On top of the usually, regular class we have also got a new range of workshops on a Saturday starting in May.

The first Saturday will continue to be Kids Klub in the morning and Promarker Club in the afternoon.

The second Saturday in the month will be Jo Sonja's Saturday Craft Club with Lynn (that's me!). The first one on the 8th May will be decorating some plimsolls for the summer!!!

The third Saturday in the month is going to be Rubber Stamping Club. Perfect for those of you that love stamping and want to share stamping techniques & ideas. It will run similar to the Promarker Club.

And, finally, the forth Saturday is going to be about Jewellery Making. There will be a different theme each month and it will be run as a drop-in session, who knows we might even find a guest or two for you. Look in the shop for further details.

Well, that is an awful lot to digest in one letter - but I still have more. Sorry!

Look out for the Craft Car Boot Sale, on the 15th May, in support of Cancer Research. Full details will be available over the next week or so, but it will be an oportunity for you to find new homes for your craft stash, make a bit of money for yourself and raise support for Cancer Research. So remember to put the date in your dairy.

Also, I am still being told that not all of you have received the details of the Christmas Craft Retreat taking place in October. Give me a nudge and I will let you have all the details.

Goodness, this must be nearly ended now. Just two more things to mention.

First one is to wish Catherine good luck and great joy. Those who have watched her blossoming waistline over the past months will know that the baby is due any minute now. As Catherine has got more and more tired and fed-up with waiting for the baby, Ruth has got more and more excited at becoming a Granny again. It won't be long now though and then Catherine will be back in the shop on a Saturday, you never know she might even bring in the baby for us to have a cuddle.

Secondly, because of the new classes that we will be holding at the weekend and the fact that I will be busy playing with Jo Sonja's I have asked a lovely lady, called Lee, to come and help me on a Saturday. Treat her gently when you come in, certainly until she has got used to you all!

Now that has really got to be it, nothing more to say (until someone reminds me about something that I have forgotten!) - sorry I did not warn you to make a cuppa and put your feet up, a bit late now I suppose!!

Have a good week, weekend and Easter. Enjoy your crafting and remember to come look at our new fat-free goodies.

With best wishes

Lynn and the Girls

JUST REMEMBERED! Good luck to Tracy and Karen, whose new shop opens in two weeks. Good luck girls!!

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Lots and lots for everyone to do!! I hope Lee enjoys herself, I am sure she will be fine, Thanks for the good luck message. XXXX