Friday, 21 August 2009

Stunning girls!

This morning my daughter Alice joined in her 1st ever children's jewellery workshop at Flutterby Crafts......I am so excited that she is showing some interest!

Look at what they made, they are really stunning bracelets. Ruth designed the bracelets and the girls followed her instructions very quickly. In fact Leah (the expert of the group) made this lovely necklace.

So girls (you know who you are), would you please leave a little comment below so Lynn and Ruth really know what you liked about the jewellery workshop.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the girls leaving a comment for ME - I would like to leave a comment for THEM. I am so impressed, these bracelets look gorgeous. I bet there is a Mum or two who would love to make these. Well done girls and thank you, Ruth, for taking the class.

Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

Just seen your blog for the first time. What a great blog and a brilliant workshop result. I am sure, seeing this, that lots of children would love to join your next class. What a great way to spend the school holidays.

G x

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am so jealous! i wish i could have come, the bracelets look so gorgeous,wow if thats how good the childrens workshops are i cant wait to see the adult ones.
Well done girls, your mums and dads must be so proud of you all.

Well done Flutterby's

GH xxx

Anonymous said...

It was a fun class today i will hopefully remember how to make them. Me and my mum went to the Flutterby's Bead shop straight after the class and got all the bits! I am showing her how to make another bracelet tonight!

Alice xxx

ellzie said...

i reealllly enjoyed it and i would looove to do it again, making jewelry is one of my new hobbies! thank you Ruth for helping out, it was great!!!

Leah said...

I was really excited to see what we were going to make and although it looked quite hard, it wasn't too tricky to make. I was very impressed with the way the bracelet turned out and as I had time to spare, I managed to make the necklace as well, which was great. I always enjoy going to the Flutterbys lessons, as Ruth is always really nice and teaches us how to do everything and gives us good ideas too. I am really proud to see my jewellery on the website!! My Mum and Granny always laugh when I go to Flutterbys, as I concentrate so hard that I manage to stay quiet for the whole lesson!!! After this jewellery lesson I went home and made a ring, doing exactly what I was taught in the lesson and it looks awesome!!! Can't wait for my 2 lessons this week!!! Thanks Flutterbys, all of you are great, and I have learnt so much from your lessons.

Amanda said...

The jewellery is lovely, well done.