Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Please leave a comment!

Thank you for all of you who entered the survey on the web site on blogging. We have come to the conclusion that several of you would like to learn how to leave a comment on the blog after a blog entry but don't know how.

It's EASY and FUN, honest!

At the bottom of each blog entry there is a line that says posted by - time - comments. Scroll your mouse over the comments section and click.
  1. Follow instructions ....... leave your comment in the box and sign your name.
  2. Then go to word verification.
  3. Choose an identity - either create a google account and follow instructions.
  4. OR, this is the easy bit.....click the anonymous button and publish your comment.
Please give it a try now and leave a comment to tell us if you found these instructions helpful.

1 comment:

hayden-g said...

thanks so much Joanna, that takes all the mystery out of blogging. i shall definitely try and leave more comments,i have even created a google account ! not bad for a complete technophobe!

Cheers, Nicky xx