Saturday, 29 August 2009

Children's jewellery workshop

Today Alice, Leah, Ellen, Sophie and Amy joined Ruth in a jewellery workshop. Don't you think each of them made a beautiful necklace and matching bracelet? They worked so hard and quickly that some of the girls managed to also make a dangly accessory that could be attached to a mobile phone, handbag or game console!!

Here is a close up of the necklace and bracelet that Alice made,

and here is the dangly accessory attached to her mobile phone and Nintendo DS.

Well done girls, I think some of your mums may be booking into some jewellery workshops so that they can keep up with you!

Just a thought, these would be perfect items to make at a children's birthday party to be held in our workshop at Flutterby Crafts. For further information on children's craft parties click here, or to arrange a booking, contact us on 01635 860900 or call into the shop.

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Lynn said...

Hey, Alice, I love the jewellery that you made. You have done very well. I also love the bracelets that you made after your class last week. Keep going.

Lynn x