Thursday, 13 August 2009

Before anybody says anything, I know that it has taken me ages to get these photos on here. I do have excuses............and it did take me almost a week to recover from the weekend.......and my computer was playing up..........but we did have a great time. AND the results were wonderful. Everybody ended up with something completely different, as you will be able to see.

For those of you not in the know, the weekend was to decorate a mirror (or box), a bag and anything else that stood still while we were waiting out the drying time. Everybody managed their mirror/box and bag (so far, so good), then they all decorated a pair of shoes, a candle and a glass bowl (except Kirsty, who decorated a wooden bag using shaving foam !?!?!). It was all done using the Jo Sonja paints, Jo Sonja mediums and a few serviettes. Not bad for a weekends work.

So, here goes with the photos:

The pictures, in order, show Ali and Lisa having a Mum & Daughter bonding session (they did it together!!), then Kirsty got stuck into her wooden bag (and some shaving foam). Vanessa came all the way up from the New Forest and joined us on the Sunday for a play and, finally Betty and Maria quietly got on with the job in hand.

AND the results were stunning!!

Kirsty had some beautifly pansies on her bag and the shoes were a lovely design of daisies. The mirror was simply gorgeous with roses tumbling all over the place.

Maria also used daisies on her shoes, but a different design, I will run out of words to describe, but they were beautiful. As for the mirror, just gorgeous.

Betty did not tackle the mirrory, she went for a box with roses tumbling over the side. Her bag was a gorgeous mixture of flowers.

Lisa was into the sunflowers on her bag and she also did a box. They were simply gogeous. The shoe were using the daisy serviette.

Ali, on the other had, went for birds and butterflies on her mirror and christmassy on her candle and bowl.

Whilst Vanessa opted for pretty in pink as her theme.

Well, I may have got lost for words, but I think each photo tells its own story. So much fun was had and so many wonderful pieces decorated. For those of you there, thank you for making it such a great weekend. For the rest of you, where were you, you missed so much fun!!

See you all soon.

Lynn x


Yvostick said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic day - Yvonne

Anonymous said...

A fantastic WEEKEND!! It was great. I will watch out for you on the next one, Yvonne!!
L x