Friday, 27 March 2009

Good Morning Berkshire!!

We have been busy.

I was weighing and measuring Toho Seed Beads all night the other night and yesterday evening was spent making the most gorgeous necklace with some new beads in at Flutterby crafts, I was helping Katie with her workshop. The ladies all did a superb Job.

Me thinks my ladies will love it in Plymouth, so will buy the beads so we can do it all together.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon talking to Richard of Scrapdoodles and looking over his yummy range of papers. Including Flair designs, 3 bugs in a rug and others. Poor man I think he was glad to get out of there eventually. All I can say is over the next few months, you are all going to be totally spoilt for choice.

Today I am setting up for the big tool workshops, and hopefully at some point we may have a delivery of Panduros Tilda in.(not to be confused with the Magnolia range)I have been fortunate enough to work with these items before and I must say the papers are absolutely lovely.

Gotta go Lynn Is ready to crack the whip. Who Ever Said a demonstrators Job was about playing all day, definately needs to meet LYNN LOL!!!!!



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