Sunday, 11 January 2009

Latest Newletter

Hi Everybody.

Well, I sat and rested. I vegged out on dvd's and was anaethatised on Benolyn Original (highly recommended for a good nights sleep!!). So now I need to kick start myself and get back into the swing of things.

I FINALLY got around to organising the workshop lists for this year. Sorry it has taken so long. I actually updated the website last weekend, but forgot to write this so that you would all know! Anyway you can find all the details on

I have also put details of a jewellery day that we are holding on the 7th February and a beginner’s rubber stamping session on the 21st February. So things are starting to move.

Watch out for the Craft Weekend later in the year, when we will be decorating boxes and bags and all sorts of other bits (anything that moves will be crackled!!). If I can get the blanks, would anybody be interested in decorating a big mirror like the one in the shop?

While I am thinking about it, if you go on the website could you, please, look at the poll that is on the bottom of the page on the left hand side? I would like to know what you would all like to see happening with the workshops.

I have added a few bits to the gallery from my Little Sister (bless her!) and from Joanna, who is producing some stunning cards with her Cricut. I will be adding more of Joanna's cards to the blog and forum during the next few days.

Talking of the forum, if you go on there you will see some pictures of JennyJ's beaded snowflake. I am hoping that Jenny will run a class on making snowflakes when she is next in the country. Would you be interested in this? Please let me know.

So, what else have we got to look forward to? Well, I know what I can look forward to - one of my babies is coming home for the weekend next week and she is bringing HER baby!! And it gets better than that - the parents are joining us as well. So four generations of fun. (I suppose I had better get going on doing some housework.) We are going to (hopefully!) find some puddles to jump in and some ducks to feed. Great fun!

I am busy trying to finalise some projects that have been kicking around for awhile. I have (finally!) put together the two boxes that have been sitting in the shop waiting to be finished and I have promised Grant that I will complete the frames for the pictures he painted for our bedroom (I only started them last August!!). Wonderful!

Well, that was a good old rambling newsletter! Loads of questions to answer and information to absorb. Make a cup of tea and start reading again. Hopefully I have inspired you to have some fun this year. Let the doom and gloomers keep themselves occupied. We are going to go into this year with the ambition to make all our own gifts and have some great fun.

Happy New Year and happy crafting.

Best wishes from Lynn and the Girls.

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