Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Good Morning. It is soooo cold and frosty outside. But, of course, that does make it feel more like Christmas!
It has been manic around here.
We were asked to arrange the ladies gifts for the Sargeants Mess Christmas Draw at Hermitage barracks for this weekend. 70 hand decorated glass dishes and candles (plus bag!) later..........I am feeling at the moment that if I NEVER see another glass dish or serviette or candle again it will be too soon!! I will try to get a photo of them before they go out. I must say, though, they are looking fabulous. I almost wish I was going myself.
The website is nearly completed. Hurray!! So Tracy and I can move on from that very soon now. And, hopefully, I will be able to spend some time next week updating the website with all of nexts years workshops. How hunky dory would that be?
If any of you have been missing Tracy and noticed that she has not been on the 'puter for a bit, her hard-drive has died - poor love! And she has been working like made all over the place. Should all be back to normal soon.
It has been one hell of mad, bad and busy year this year. But hopefully things have moved on and next year will be more settled.
Take care of yourselves and drive carefully on those icy roads.

Lynn x

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Kathleen said...

As a recipient of one of the above mentioned candles and holders I can confirm that they are beautiful and well worthy of a picture on the forum!!!
Thank you for all your hardwork!