Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas, Everybody.

It seems like only five minutes since I sent out last years Christmas email and what a busy year it has been. Plenty of ups, some downs, but overall not a bad year.

Grant and I have had lots of lovely time watching Jet grow from a gorgeous baby of last Christmas to a beautiful, active and articulate little girl of this Christmas. She now owns a pair of funky wellies and she loves jumping in puddles, just like her mum used to enjoy doing. It will be lovely to see Helen, Nick and Jet settled and enjoying the first Christmas in their new home later this week.

Philip and Katie will also be spending their fist Christmas in their new home, (How my babies have grown!) leaving Grant and I to play Derby & Joan at home alone.

The girls and I are looking forward to quite a long holiday this year. I have put our opening times on the website, you can click here for the full details. Basically we are closing at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and re-opening on Tuesday. It is the longest time that I have closed the shop since we opened four years ago. But we have been so busy this year with all the moving that I think we need to have this break, recharge our creative batteries!

I know this means that you will have to go without your craft shopping fix for a full five days, but I have something up my sleeve to cheer you all up once we re-open next week. Our 'January' sale will start on Tuesday the 30th December.

There will be 25% off of all Christmas stock in the papershop, 10% off of everythings else in both shops. On top of that I will be putting out extra special offers and bargain bins. The sale will last until the 4th of January. How does that sound?

So now, that leads us onto next year and what is coming up. I was hoping to have the workshops lists updated and ready by now but, if you have been in the shop during the past week or so you will know that I have been a bit unwell, so I have not managed to update as fast as I expected. The details will be on the website by the new year, I promise!

I think we are all looking forward to moving into the new year. Although we have had some good time this year (not least with the moving of the shops) it has been filled with a lot of worrying moments with doom & gloom exasperated by the government and the press - and I know that a lot of you have very good reasons to look forward to a new year - so I would like to end this newsletter by wishing you all a very merry Christmas and all the best wishes for 2009.
We look forward to seeing you at the sales next week and we will help you with your crafting next year.

With best wishes from Lynn and The Girls

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