Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hey, I have just seen the card that have been posted for the first challenge. Well, what can I say - they are gorgeous, and I hope they bring inspiration to so many crafters. Thank you, Ladies.
I hope over time I get to know you all a lot better. Lets hope things are coming up Roses for all of us!!
It has been a very tiring few weeks but, hopefully, it is reaching the end of manic work and things are getting (slowly) into place.
My new office is sorted, the workshop is tidy (after a fashion!) and the shops are organised (until any new stock arrives!!!)
(We all need to work on getting Tracy up here now!!)
The coach trip last weekend went off without a hitch. Not many people came with us this year so I probably will not be organising it again. I must say, I was very disappointed with the show. It would have interested new crafters, but for us old hands it has not changed a bit over the past 4 years - the stalls are the same, selling the same. Nothing new seems to be coming out at the moment, just re-hashed! It will be interesting to see what the New Year brings.
Anyway, once again Thank you to all that have taken part in the challenge.
Lynn xx

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