Saturday, 8 November 2008

Good Morning! It's not too early today, only 5.30am! And it sounds like it is wet and windy outside.
Anyway, I came down to write a quick newsletter but the I cannot get on the site to - so I thought I would write in here instead.

We have got the Christmas gift workshop today and I have been lying awake half the night thinking about it. We are going to be playing with decorating glass dishes and candle, making a memo board and something with some beads (don't ask me what, Katie is coming up with the idea for this one!). Just a nice little group today and we have one COMPLETE beginner, a lady called Sue, who I meet each morning when walking the dogs. She fancies having a go at making her Chrissy Pressies (mad lady!). She says she has never done any crafting before. She is in for a treat.

The reason that I wanted to send out a newsletter today is to prompt everybody that this is the last weekend to book seats on the NEC coach trip for next week. I think there will still be seat available, but the late tickets will have to be purchases at the gate.

I want to welcome all the Design Team members. I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. And thank you Tracy for organising it all.

Guess what? I am having a day off tomorrow! Not sure how much I am looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be grotty and Hubby Dear is already moaning about having his Rugby viewing interupted! I might have to take some jewellery making stuff home and catch up on MY chrissy present preparations! But the good news is that we are not cooking the dinner. Being wined and dined by Katie & Phil! I understand that Katie has been practicing her roast pork in readiness and that it is superb - according to Phil, who is a smooth talker like his father!

Anyway, better go to make the early morning tea now and then get on with some work.

Have a great weekend & enjoy some crafting.

Lynn x

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