Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January 2013

Well, there it is - another Christmas out of the way and another New Year beginning.  New house and a new lifestyle, so I have made some New Year resolutions (for a change!!):
I am going to (finally) do the painting that I have wanted to do for so long - I fancy doing a big flower on a big canvass!!
I am going to do some scrapbooking - not sure what, maybe our wedding (39 years too late!) or the Children or the dogs - I need to decide.
I am going to get out walking more - the dogs could do with the exercise as much as I could!
I am going to (with the help of the walking) loose weight - I'll probably need help there!
What is your New Year resolution?

Let me know and all names will be put in a hat to win a £10 gift voucher. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my resolution is (now that my boys are getting older) to go through the house, room by room, and de-junk. There are lots of things that we no longer use or need, so I'm going to liberate them!!!!

Yvonne Brown