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Latest Newsletter - April 2012

Happy Easter
have a great time
and remember
if the rain comes down
your craft table is in the dry!!
Easter Cross

This delightful Easter Cross
was designed by
Wild Rose Studio
and is perfect for Christenings and other special occasions.

Hi Everybody

What is going on this year? It is April and Easter already!! And what is happening with the weather? Have we had our summer? I suppose this is why it is called ‘Spring’ – because we keep springing from winter to summer and back again!!

 March passed in a rush with so much happening. My last newsletter was just at the end of February. Now, I did not mention it at the time, but I wrote that letter a day or so before I went of on holiday – and what a holiday I had!! I went to see my little Sister (Viv) in New Zealand.

 I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful time I had, what wonderful sites I saw and how much I enjoyed being part of my Sisters’ life for a couple of weeks.


Viv lives in Rotorua, so we spent some time looking at the thermal parks.


we looked at some of the most amazing views


We wined and dined and met some lovely people. I have some wonderful memories of my holiday. It was a once in a lifetime holiday– if for no other reason than it was my FIRST time there and, hopefully, not my last!

Now all of that sounds wonderful but, while I was away, the girls went berserk and filled the shop with masses of new goodies. I could not believe it. The shop is stuffed.

Here is just some of the papers that have come in and there are co-ordinating embellishments that work with them – to many to picture in this newsletter.

We have just received in some new Home Décor bits, including some delightful children's coat hooks (I cannot wait for the weekend so that I can play with them!) and some Easter Eggs to decorate!!

Then there are the beads and wools – the new Czech crystals are going a storm and we are now stocking the Sirdar Big Softie.

 Ruth has been knitting some lovely samples for us and they are now being displayed around the shop – so pass the word around all the knitters that you know and check out the blog for pictures of Ruth’s creations. 

 Which reminds me, we are setting up a few new classes/groups to start after Easter. So, check out the Thursday afternoon Knit’n’Natter with Ruth and the Thursday morning colouring-in class with Nicky.

 I have also re-installed my Wednesday afternoon ‘Home Décor with Jo Sonja’s’ class. (no end of fun for you all!)

 Here is a downloadable copy of the latest workshop brochure:
and remember that if you mis-lay it you can always pick it up from the shop or the blog

While I am talking about blogs and stuff, you must check out Nicky’s blog:

It has taken us YEARS to talk her into doing this and finally she has plucked up the courage to get it sorted, what a wonderful job she has done. Now we need you all to encourage her to keep it going. So please ‘follow’ her.

Nicky’s blog is going to tie into her classes and the projects that she will be doing, it will especially be relevant to her ProMarker club and the Colouring-In with Nicky on a Thursday.

 If you decide to take a look at the brochure, you will see that I have scheduled in a Crafter’s Car Boot Sale for the 19thMay. Please pray for sunshine!!

 The Crafter’s Car Boot Sale will be for those of you that want to clear some of your stash and also, I would like some of you to bring along your finished crafts – so if you like to sell your work, this is also for you. I will be trying to get the local radio and newspaper to do an article about it for us.
 This year we are supporting St Micheals Hospice,Basingstoke and the Marie Curie Nurses. All monies raised at the car boot sale will be split between these two wonderful causes. More details will come out during the month – but keep the date free and let me know if you would like a table.

What else has been going on? 

Well, I am sorry that we had to cancel the demonstration with Eureka Crafts the other week. Unfortunately Alex and Jeanette had a family crisis and had to cancel.  But I am very pleased to say that we have been able to re-schedule and now we have a new date for you all. 

21st April 10 - 4pm
Demonstration with Alex

Those of you that know the Creative Craft Cabin of Twyford, or have met Alex and Jeanette at the Art Stamp Show, will know about the wonderful template cards that they make.  We are lucky enough to have them with us on the 21st April.


So come and watch Alex strut his stuff and make some stunning cards, share a cuppa with us and have some fun.  This is a free event, but the urn will be out to raise funds for our favourite charity. 
Blimey, this newsletter is going on for ever and ever……….so I think I will stop there, that way I will have something else to talk about next time.

Just one last little thought………poor Kite, the youngest Lab that I have the pleasure of owning, had a little manly operation yesterday and he is feeling very sorry for himself. Everybody say ‘aaaahhhh’.  I will try to get some photos up, on facebook, of him wearing his big white collar.  Poor Boy.

Remember to take a look at the brochure and Nicky’s blog.

 Have a wonderful Easter and keep crafting.

Happy crafting!!

Lynn and the Girls.

ps Remember that we are closed on Good Friday!!  If you are desperate, we will be open on Saturday - as normal - and it will be ProMarker/FlexMarker class as usual in the afternoon.

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