Saturday, 16 October 2010

More crafting and frolics!

After a lovely dinner and a good night sleep everyone was keen to finish their breakfast and get down to crafting, well that's why they had come to the Christmas Crafts Retreats!!!!

During the Saturday and Sunday, the workshops were led by Lynn, Nicky and Tracy. Three workshops were held on Saturday and three workshops on Sunday, a total of six projects to be made......what FUN!

Lynn started her workshops by teaching the ladies how to decorate their plain canvass bags into something unique!

Here are the ladies sponging Jo Sonja paint onto their bags matching the colours of the paint to the colours of their serviettes, to be added later.

Once the bags had dried, the next stage was to add the serviettes to their bags. It was all a bit daunting and no one knew how they were eventually going to turn out!

The bags all had their individual colour scheme and looked great hanging out to dry.

Once dry, the bags looked stunning and those ladies who had never tried "Napkin Art" before were quickly inspired by their creations.

And here is one Lynn made earlier!

Over the course of the weekend, between the different stages, the bags were hung out to dry, but Lynn didn't let the ladies rest on their laural's. Another project was soon underway and they were shown how to prepare their calendars.

Here, some of the ladies are applying Jo Sonja paint with a sponge on the calendar date and month blocks.

The wooden calendars have had a white layer of paint applied on top of the gold base layer and the crackle is beginning to show with lovely effect. They have been left to dry for the crackle to work it's magic!

Once dried out, the serviettes were torn and layered onto the wooden base.

Again, the calendars are left to dry.

Here is one I sneaked outside to take a picture.

More tea and cakes , a short rest, a swim in the pool, a visit to the shop and we all headed off to a gala dinner.

A spectacular meal, quiz, (which was hosted by the lovely Grant, that's Lynn's hubby), lots of crafty chat and other frolics from certain tables that shall remain nameless!!!!

A late night to bed for some but the excitement of another day's crafting ahead.

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