Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lots of new beads!

Lynn and Ruth have been very busy in the Bead Shop rearranging the displays after the arrival of yummy beading stock! Oh yes, not forgetting Grant (Lynn's other half) who has replaced the shop door, clever man!

Here are a few things to take a look at:-

Lots of glass beads in brown, green, black and red.
Also, lots of silver shaped chains.

Silver angel wings, snowflakes also spacers and connectors.
Adorable wire hearts.

Glass beads in new colours.

Large glass pearls in delicious colours which come in smaller sizes too!

Stardust beads which come in lots of different colours.

Lynn apologies for anyone who came into the Bead Shop last week and found it in turmoil due to the arrival of boxes of new stock!

Well you will be pleased to hear that it's now all sorted, with everything in it's right place, so why not pop over to the shop and take a look.

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