Thursday, 26 November 2009


Hi Everybody

Have you noticed the sun shining over the past few days? Wonderful, isn't it - mind you it has come with a major drop in temperature, the wind up at the shop was cutting straight through us. Still, the sun was shining!

Yesterday morning when Grant and I were out walking the dogs - at some unearthly hour of the morning! - the sun was just rising and it was beautiful. The dogs were running around getting up to all sorts of mischief, even they were pleased the rain had stopped.

And to add to the pleasure this week, we have won the lottery!! How wonderful is that? But before you go thinking we are moving the shop into the big barn, let me burst your bubble of excitement and explain that it was only £29. Never mind, it gave us a giggle and it is easier to spend £29 than £2.9 million!!

Anyway this is a VERY, VERY quick letter. I just wanted to remind you all that Tracy arrives tomorrow and that Nicky, Tracy and I are going to be running a Christmas Gift making weekend this Saturday and Sunday.

There are lots of photos of the things we will be making (see earlier blog entries below) and on the website - they look gorgeous. (Thanks, Joanna). So if you are interested in attending any of the workshops to making any of these items, give us a call - there are still some spaces left (and I understand that the rain is coming back, but we will be enjoying ourselves!!).

Talking of Joanna, she will be coming into the shop on Tuesday and we are going to be putting our heads together to sorting out the calendar for next year - so the next newsletter will contain details of the new workshop brochure.

The new year workshops will probably start on the second week of January, mainly because we will be closed on the first week of January for stock taking - how boring is that?

Remember that next Saturday 5th December is Kids Kraft in the morning and ProMarker Challenge Club in the afternoon (is there no end to fun!!).

Right, I promised this would be very short so I am going to end it now!! Just one quick update of toys that are coming into the shop in the next few days - we are expecting our first delivery of Whiff of Joy rubber stamps hopefully tomorrow and the next delivery of Toho beads are due into the Bead shop on Monday (together with some Czech crystals and flower beads).

Have a great weekend and remember to look at the bits we are making this weekend, then come and have a play with us.


Lynn and the girls.

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