Friday, 13 November 2009

Craft Events - coming up!

Hello Everybody

It is raining!! How British is that? The weekend is coming and so is the rain. Never mind - we have the answer for you, come and enjoy a day of watching the lovely Michelle Johnson, from Stix 2, demonstrate and answer all your crafting sticky questions.

I do have a strange mind (please do not answer that statement!!), every time I say that we are going to be having a demonstration here, I picture placard wielding ladies marching around the farmyard!!!

Anyway, Michelle will be here tomorrow between 10am and 4pm. Actually, Nicky has just reminded me that we only ever have events in the rain - we have just done away with the tent bit!!

Come and join us. I will have the kettle on, biscuits at the ready and in traditional fashion we will be giving double loyalty points.

Also, tomorrow afternoon, Nicky will be teaching adult colouring up in the workshop and there are still one or two places left.

A full weekend ahead. Then, just think, you can have a quiet Sunday crafting away having been inspired by Michelle and Nicky. How wonderful!!

And if you do not want to craft on Sunday, come out to Wickham Village Hall (just past Stockcross) and see me at the Christmas Craft Fair and Decorative Arts Showcase - 10am 'til 4pm.

Monday will find me sitting at home with my feet up!!

At this point I should be mentioning the things that are going to be happening over the following few weekends, but I think that this is enough for today. Come and see me over the weekend and I will tell you what is coming up.

This must be just about the quickest newsletter I have ever sent! Promise I will make up for it next week.

See you all tomorrow

Lynn and the girls x

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