Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Goodbye My Darling Kes

This weekend we had to say goodbye to our darling Kes, the oldest of our two Labradors.
Those of you that have been coming to the shop since we began will, no doubt, have met Kes at some point. He was the most gentlest of giant dogs. He was a tireless worker and the perfect companion, loved by all that knew him. He won the hearts of everybody that he met, even non-dog lovers loved him.
Kes came into our lives when our children were almost grown up so he did not mix much with children, but children never had a thing to fear from him. The moment that he met Jet, he became protector and he laid there pacifly while she used him as her armchair and pillow - never moving or complaining.
Kes was a dog of a lifetime and we will miss him terribly, but he is now out of pain from his arthritis and the stars are a better place for his joining them.
Goodbye my darling Kes.


Just Tracy said...

Lynn and Grant sending you more huge hugs.

I remember the first time I met Kezzie, was when he was making the noise grumble for my pringles,I will miss him on my visits, but know he is free from any pain. Give kip extra cuddles from me.


Lynn said...

Thanks, Tracy

See you in a few weeks.

Lynn x

Helen Thomas said...

Just bumped into this and it's made me bawl...crikey it's gonna be weird (and difficult for Jet) on Friday.