Thursday, 4 June 2009


He he hee!!

The Boss is away and NIckys' gonna play!!!

I have hijacked the computer, and I have decided I am IN CHARGE NOW LOL!!!!!

SO whilst she is away we are gonna have double loyalty card points. And plenty of reductions, cause I want new stash in.

Look out for the green X (green cause its my favourite colour, and X cause oh! Boy Is she going to be!).

I am gonna do a special offer on all the 3 bugs in a rug papers. Which means if you buy all the sheets in one range, you will get two of the papers FREE!!!

I tortured Ruth, cause she is Lynns Goodie, Goodie employee, and made her agree to put some specials in on the bead shop too, HAH!!! She will have double points in there too.

There will be lots of other offers, so you gotta come see and........

oh quick I gotta go, shes coming!!

See you all friday and saturday. cause while the Boss is away we gotta play.!!!!!!!! Ha hA hA!!!!!
Love the NEW Boss Nicky and Ruth!!!!!

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