Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Start

A New Year
A New Start
A New Web Site
Hi Everybody
So, there we go, another Christmas over and another year started. On Boxing Day one of my sisters wrote, on Facebook, 'months in the planning one day to enjoy then one month to clean up' - how right she is.
At the shop we have been working with Christmas stuff since JULY, so I think we will all be glad to see the New Year and Spring coming!! We are all busy looking at the suppliers to see what is coming up new - especially Nicky and Cate, they are checking out some brilliant new suppliers!!!

New Year, new start, new ideas!! Talking of which, in my last newsletter I was bemoaning the fact that I had finished the new website but I was having a problem getting it 'live'. We that has now been sorted!! How smug am I feeling?!?!?

So I need your help. Please can you look at it and let me know if you think I am missing anything, I have mis-spelt anything or you think it can be improved in anyway. Click here to take a look:

Well, we have managed to finish the stock take in record time (shhh, don't tell Sarah, but there was a bit of guessitamation going on!). Nicky & I started moving and cleaning through the shop today, ready for tomorrow (Thursday) - our first day of the New Year!!
Remeber that you should have your January Voucher, 10% off of your next visit to the shop. Also, we will have a few 'specials' going on during the month!!
And the workshops start again in earnest this weekend!! We begin with the Knit'n'Natter in the Bead & Wool Shop. 10 'til 4pm, Saturday - come for 10 mins or stay all day!! New Year, New project.
Then, in the afternoon, Nicky will be kick starting this years Pro-Marker Club - 2pm 'til 4pm. And, if you are lucky, she will be showcasing the new Flex-Marker pens!!! Remember, Nicky will set a challenge, enter it and you could be in for one of the New Year Prizes (details on Saturday!).
Just think - you could Knit in the morning and colour in the afternoon!! Is there no end to fun we offer you????
If you want to know what is coming up with the workshops, check out the latest brochure:
So, there you go, welcome 2012 - it was a hard 2011 for so many of us and so many of us had a sickly Christmas, it is good to be moving on.
Come and see us. Come and have some fun. Come and share a cuppa with us.
Happy New Year, from Lynn and the Girls. xx
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Happy New Year from Flutterby Crafts
Let us help kick start your
New Year of Crafting
with a 10% off your shopping
Bring this voucher with you on your first visit for the Year.
valid for the period 5th January until the 31st January
1 visit per voucher, 1 voucher per person.

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