Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quick Christmas Make'n'Takes this Saturday

Quick Christmas
This Satuday
19th December
10 'til 4
Hi Everybody
Earlier this year, when we were setting the diary, someone had a good idea that we could run an event in the middle of November giving ideas for making quick Christmas gifts. Not sure who that someone was - although I can hear the girls shouting loudly 'it was YOU, Lynn' - not how I remember it at all!!
Anyway, with all that has been going on time has passed us by and now THAT weekend has suddenly appeared and the girls are saying to me 'well, what do you want to do?'. What do I want to do? I thought THEY were the ones that were supposed to come up with the ideas!!
So, we have talked about it, we have thought about it, we have talked some more and this is now the plan -
On Saturday we will be running quick Make'n'Takes in the shop, from 10am 'til 4pm. No booking necessary, just come and join in. There will be four tables up and running.
Table 1 - Nicky & a Notelet Set
Table 2 - Cate & a Mini Album
Table 3 - Ruth & a ..... need to talk to Ruth about this
Table 4 - Lynn & a Trinket Box
Each project will take about an hour (give or take 3 or 4, in our usual fashion). Come when you are ready, join in, stay for 1 or all 4, up to you. The cost will be £5 per table, if you are brave enough to do all 4 we will find you a little present!!
The mince pies will be out in force and the kettle will be on - I cannot wait!!
Actually, thinking about it, I am looking for you all to provide me with a refuge on Saturday - because this house is bedlam. Why is it bedlam, I can hear you asking and, don't worry, I am about to tell you.......guess who has (stupidly) volunteered themselves to take care of our friends two dogs? Yes, yes, I know...with 4 dogs of our own, taking in another 2 is madness. And you are right .....especially when it means that you have TWO 15 week old puppies running around creating havoc!!!
Why, oh why, do I put myself forward for this type of madness?
Oh, they have all suddenly worn themselves out....peace reigns for a few minutes!!
What other news have I got for you? I know, we have got lovely shiny scarf wool in, very much like the Tonia, but not quite (bit like that add, sounds like a Golf but isn't!) AND the next batch of Tonia should be in by Friday.
We have also become stockists of SCRAP 365, the very new Scrapbooking Magazine from Traplet publishers and we have issue no 1 in stock now!!
I understand that it is a fabulous magazine and I would be able to confirm this fact, but Cate is currently hugging our copy to herself. The rest of us have not been able to get a look in.
And, because we are bringing in SCRAP 365, we are also bringing back in Craft Stamper and Beads & Beyond. Does your fun never end?!
Oops, our hairy monsters are about to stir a feeling this is going to be a long night........wonder if I can talk GC into spending the night down here with them, while I enjoy a good nights sleep in that big, comfortable bed!!
Just before I go, take a quick look at this:
This photo shows the beautiful gift tag that Liz made, last week, in her class. If you fancy having a go at learning to paint, then Liz is the person for you. We will be working on next years workshop brochure over the coming weeks, so watch out for it.
Well, I think I had better go, settle these dogs down a bit and start getting ready for the weekend. See you on Saturday - remember, you don't have to book, just come and have some crafting fun.
With best regards
Lynn and the Girls. xx
PS: Tomorrow night (Thursday) we will be making a chalkboard in class, if you fancy having a go at making one, give me a call and book-in (there a only a few places available) 6.30 til 8.30, cost £10.
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