Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Artemio - Rustic Wooden Hearts

These new Rustic Wooden Hearts by Artemio have just arrived.  
They are crying out to have some Jo Sonja's paint and mediums applied...don't you think?

Here is an idea from Artemio.........

Wreath with Glitter Hearts

Step by step:
Coat the whole surface of the wooden hearts with vinyl adhesive using the brush.
couronne-coeur-paillettes2.jpgPour a pot of red glitter onto a plate or saucer. Dip the hearts in the plate or saucer.
Allow to dry.
Punch out hearts and disks in different sizes with various assorted glitter-covered paper on them.  Glue punched-out patterns to the branches of the wreath using the glue gun. Pass a red ribbon through the ring of hearts, then stick on the hearts, spreading them around the wreath.

Pop into the shop soon, as I can see these rustic hearts going out of the door very quickly!
or buy at our on-line shop The Mulberry Bush.

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Like a lot. x