Thursday, 22 September 2011

New goodies!!

Can you believe what the Children are like when parcels come into this shop? 

Catherine had the parcel opener ready BEFORE the delivery guy had finished parking!!

Prima flowers, Graphic 45 papers, Kars Christmas pads, laces and ribbons and shapes, swirls and diamantes, so much fun!

Now we just need to re-organise and get it all fitted in.  Great fun!

Quick before it all goes!

Lynn xx


Anonymous said...

I will be there in the morning. What time do you open? I will be waiting!! lol

Joanna said...

Watch out I'm coming in for those ribbons and diamantes!

Lynn said...

Oh, I will be here and open ready for you at 9.30am, kettle on!!

Lynn x

Lynn said...

The ribbons are delicious, but you wait 'til you see the flowers!!

Anonymous said...

Lynn I thought yesterday was Friday :(, but I will be there tomorrow morning :)

See you in the morning

Lynn said...

lolol!! And I wasted time heating up the kettle for you!! See you tomorrow. xx