Friday, 2 September 2011

Knitathon and Wool Launch

Hi Everybody

This really is a very quick note about the Knitathon tomorrow, that is, Saturday, 3rd September.

All the wool has arrived. Yea!!

 Some of it has gone. Yea!! 

Notice gap of wool on bottom shelf and
disappearing balls of wool on top shelf!

And it has been replaced. Very Yea!!

We will be here from 9.30am 'til 5pm with the kettle on and some cake on the go. You can pop in and pop out as is your fancy. It will only be Ruth and I that will be tied to knitting all day!!

We a have a basket of wool available for the knitting of squares and do have a few knitting needles available.

If you do not want to knit a square, but would like to bring along your own knitting - that is ok. All we want is some knitting fun!!

One small problem......the knitting needles were supposed to have arrived this afternoon, and they have not come - which means they will probably arrive on Monday, too late!!  So, if you have your own knitting needles, please could you bring them - it will make life easier.

The other thing, if your Man is going to be looking bored tomorrow there is an Ale and Cider fest going on in the field.  Could be fun.  (with a bit of luck, we might get some samples - imagine the state of our knitting with a few ciders inside us!!)

The Promarker Challenge club will be going on in the workshop as normal.  Not sure what Nicky has up her sleeve, but it is bound to be good.

So we will see you tomorrow, whether it is for 10 minutes or for the whole day, come and have some fun.

With love

Lynn xx

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Lynn said...

Brilliant, Joanna. Thank you. xx