Wednesday, 18 May 2011

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Hi Everybody

So, are you all back to normal? Bank holidays over (well for a few weeks!), kids all back at school and the weather getting more like it should be - not that I did not like the sunshine and heat!

Anyway, things are settling back down at the shop. The classes have started again, we have been having good fun. Nicky has been getting the Ladies in her cardmaking classes playing with gold flakes - they had a go at making faux lace!

In the Promarker class last Saturday Nicky had the ladies colouring in a collage rubber stamp - now the ladies have got the problem of making a VERY simple card for the challenge. Interesting!

In the Cardmaking class last Thursday evening the ladies made a lovely card. For once I was totally organised and I had done the one thing everybody asks, set it up so that no-one had to make any decisions just enjoy the class - none of that, however, stopped Tracie & Julie from doing their own thing and changing bits around. I give up!!

The beading class, with Ruth, is going great guns and we have made some lovely bracelets, some of which will be featured on our blog over the next week or so.

And then, finally, today we had some fun playing with shaving foam!! If you want to know what I do with my shaving foam then you will have to come to the Jo Sonjas club!! So, like I said, everything is going back to normal!

Now, the purpose of this email is to let you know about some of the bits that are coming up:

This Saturday, the 14th, it is Jo Sonja's day. We have a lovely lady called Liz Black coming to spend the day with us.

Liz is a painting teacher by trade and she enjoys playing with the Jo Sonja's paints and mediums - take a look at her website to see the type of things she likes to do!!

Liz will be sitting in the shop, during the morning, having fun demonstrating how to make blackboards and then in the afternoon she will be up in the workshop with the Jo Sonja's Club making blackboards. So come and join us for the demo then have a go at decorating your own blackboard. I will be doing one especially for my new kitchen - then I can leave great big lists for GC to do when I am not at home!!

Then, the following Saturday
the 21st May
we will be having a Tea Party!!

We will be putting the bunting up, so come join us for a cup of tea and a cup cake and help us raise some money for the Rainbow Room at Newbury Hospital.

While you are drinking your cuppa and enjoying your cake, you can watch various demonstrations and even take part in a mini make-and-take. You can even bring your troubles to us, ask us about the things you are not sure about - and if it is craft related, we might even be able to sort it out - if its not craft related you could be giving us just the gossip we need to keep us going!!

Among the things that will be going on:

In the Bead Shop:

Graham Hall from CJ Beaders will be here talking about Beadalon jewellery findings & wires.

Graham knows all there is to know about Beadalon, finding, wires and tools - so if you want to know about the differences between Beadalon and other products, come and talk to him - he will soon put you right. AND if we are lucky he will bring some new beads along with him!!

Ruth will be running a simple make-and-take with the Toho beads

and in the Paper Shop/Workshop you will find Liz Black will be back with us, demonstrating some basic painting techniques (if you speak nicely to her she might even let you have a go!!). We are looking to start up some painting classes, so this will be the ideal time to get to know the teacher!!!

will be running a scrapbooking make-and-take

will be having fun with the cards

Not sure yet what I will be doing, but I am sure something will come along - I will probably end up making the tea and gossiping, you know me.

If the weather is bad we will be playing around indoors, if the weather is good we will be spreading ourselves around in the gardens.

Sounds brilliant and is great if you want to 'have a go'!

All money raised from the teas & cakes will be passed on to the Rainbow Rooms

AND if you bring someone new to the shop who wants to have a go at crafting we will put TWO extra loyalty points on your card!!!!

I have just realised how long this has turned into and I did not warn you to have a drink before you start!! Sorry.

Anyway, it is a bit late now, because I have just about finished!! Just a quick last paragraph to give an update on things from the last newsletter. Nicky's Dad is out of hospital and is progressing well - as is Karen.

Buzz is well recovered from his little operation and is back to terrorising the life out of Bridie.

AND Frejya has started to walk - bless!!

So there you go, all over now - go and get yourself a cuppa.

Remember to pop in and meet Liz on Saturday (and have a go at making a blackboard!!) and join us on the 21st for a Tea Party!!

See you then

Lynn and the Girls xx

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