Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hand painting fun!!

Last Christmas I received a lovely apron which had been handmade by my darling daughter, Helen. The apron was made with plain calico which, whilst it was lovely, was a I thought it would be good to decorate it...using the wonderful Jo Sonja's paints and a bit of textile medium. Having painted it in pretty pinks and yellows, it was felt that it needed a little something about some handprints? Brilliant idea! And who better to do the handprints than the Jet. What fun was little girl, one indulging Nanny and LOADS of paint (actually I really only wanted to show that these paints are very child friendly - and they are!)

No doubt there will be more photos once it has dried and I will be proudly showing it off in the shop....come and have a look.

Lynn x


Joanna said...

Oh how sweet, but who had more fun, Nanny or Jet!!

Lynn said...

hmmm....close call, Joanna. We ALL had good fun and the customers thought it was great fun too.