Sunday, 23 January 2011

FIMO Workshop - Saturday afternoon

Fiona Jones moved into the bead shop for the duration of Saturday afternoon and demonstrated to us a selection of Fimo (polymer clay) techniques for making gorgeous gifts and jewellery items.

For more information on Fimo please click here.

This photo above shows Fiona having moulded and layered the Fimo ploymer clay to get the desired patterns. She then makes a hole for the beads to be later threaded.

This photo shows a threaded bracelet, top of a gift box which has been layered with Fimo, different pattern effects and a heart shape necklace design.

Here the beads have been moulded and are placed on rods ready to be baked in the oven.

A lovely butterfly key ring made using the Metallic Effect Fimo.

The Fimo pattern has been moulded into these clasps.

Here the intricate pattern of moulded and worked Fimo has made a stunning ring.

How cute is 'Ellie'! Here he is holding a 'Don't forget note holder' for those people who always forget!

This photo is for Nicky and Ruth who thought this cat was adorable which has also been moulded using Fimo.

Everyone was transfixed by Fiona's informative demonstration using Fimo.

For more information and ideas about Fiona's designs, click here.

Thanks go to Fiona for a wonderful demonstration. If you missed the demonstration and would like to know how to get started please talk to Lynn and she will show you the range of Fimo colours and accessories that are available.

I believe there may be a Fimo workshop in the near future, so for those of you interested, please e-mail Lynn at


Lynn said...

I have just baked off the Fimo beads and bits that Fiona made during the demonstration. From tomorrow (Tuesday) onwards they will be available in the shop, if you would like to see them.
Lynn x

Julie said...

These beads look stunning, must make a mental note to try this technique soon