Thursday, 9 December 2010

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Hello Everyone

I hope you have all kept safe during this all this cold weather. Can you believe it? I know that we (technically) are in the Winter, but did we have to have the snow this soon? And, so I understand, we are only going to get a very quick respite of warm weather before the ice and snow comes back. Ho hum!! Still it will soon be Christmas and if we ask Rachel nicely, she will tell us EXACTLY how many minutes we have got to go.

This newsletter is going to be another quick one. For those of you that have been in the shop recently, you will know that we have been having issues with our website server. This has resulted in us nearly loosing our database. The site has just been re-instated, but we are not sure how long for. So I am trying to get this out before it dies again.

I am going to start with the important business, because I am running short of time to let you all know.
I should have got this information out to you last week but, when I tried originally writing this, the website was not working - so I am sorry that it is a bit late. Anyway, here goes: We are launching our new product range - The Efcolor Enamelling system. It is fantastic. I have had such fun with it. Because I think it is such great fun and I think you all will like it, I have arranged for Fiona Jones to come to the shop to demonstrate the system.

Fiona, the author of Papercraft Weekend Workbook, has just launched a new website and she is the UK demonstrator of Efcolor Enamelling System. Indeed, some of you might have met Fiona at the NEC last month or when she visited us couple of years ago.

Fiona will be with us this Saturday, the 11th December from 10am 'til 4pm. She will be demonstrating the Enamelling system and she will have details of the Enamelling workshop that she will be running, for us, later in January.

Enamelling is a great technique for all crafters. It is a good way to make very individual pendants for your jewellery making, it is great for making individual embellishments for the Cardmaking and for scrapbooking. If you are not sure, look at the projects Fiona has put on her website

The other new thing that we have in the shop is Fimo – I know it probably is not new to you, but it is to us!! At the moment we just have the colour blocks in and, in time, we will be getting in the tools required for playing with it.

Also, remember that it is the final Jo Sonjas Saturday workshop for this year. 1pm until sometime hours later up in the workshop. Ideal place for making the last few Christmas pressies.

For those of you that are waiting for the new workshop list, it will be out soon. Joanna has been working on it, but she now needs some input from me before she can finish it. I will try to get it sorted over the weekend.

Also, watch the blog for the Christmas closure times. Basically, I will be closing up shop at lunchtime on Christmas Eve. I will open the shop from 11am ‘til 3pm on the 29th & 30th December (Wednesday and Thursday), then we will be closed until the 6th January. Watch out for some special offers occurring on the 29th and 30th. Further details will be on the blog.

There is probably a lot more that I can say, but I need to get this out while the website is still viable.
Have a wonderful weekend and remember to come to eat a mincepie with us on Saturday (oh, and watch Fiona!!)

With regards

Lynn and the Girls

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