Saturday, 18 December 2010

Efcolor Enamelling System

Joanna asked me to write some words about our Efcolor enamelling demonstration that was held last Saturday, but I disappeared and had a few days off – so it has taken a little while to get it sorted out. I am sorry.

We had the lovely Fiona Jones come along and demonstrate the versatility of the Efcolor.

It is so simple to use and is fantastic for making jewellery, embellishments and all sorts. Fiona had a range of examples that she has made. They included the gorgeous Gecko, which she has used to decorate the front of a notebook.

Fiona showed the enamelling being done on mountboard and chippies as well as the copper blanks. She also showed how you could add pieces to the enamelling to give textures as well as patterns.

A great day was had and we managed to eat many mince pies as well as drinking much mulled wine.

So this weekend I am going to be making loads of last minute Christmas pressies all with an enamelled theme.

Have a great weekend. See you all soon.

Lynn x

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