Monday, 26 July 2010

Newsletter - July 2010

Hi Everybody

Now, it has - so far - taken me four days to write this letter. Not because I have nothing to say (as if!) but more because there is so much, I am not sure where to start. So I think you need to make a stiff drink and sit with your feet up before you begin to read it. So here goes......................

Can you believe that we are at Summer Holiday time already?!! It seems like only 5 minutes since the beginning of the year and here we are almost into August. Still, at least we appear to be having a summer this year. Let's hope that the weather stays good so that the Kids can let off steam in the fresh air.

Talking of Kids, let me start this newsletter by talking about the Summer Kids Klub - I know, I usually give you the low down on the family first but I will come to that later.

The Summer Kids Klub will be run during the month of August, starting on the 3rd of August. It will be run on the Tuesday and Thursday 10.30am 'til 12.30. Tuesdays will be Scrapbooking with Catherine and Thursdays will be Jewellery Making with Ruth (both ably assisted, on occasions, by the lovely Bethany!).

We have had a lot of enquiries about the Kids Klub this year, so make sure you get your darlings booked in - places are limited.

Also, with the scrapbooking class it would be good if the youngsters can come on all four classes as Catherine would like to work on a project that build over the weeks.

The classes are 10.30 'til 12.30 am and cost £10 per child per class, which includes all materials (although we will need photos for the scrapbooking) - if you book all 8 class get a £10 discount. Book all 8 and give yourself 16 hours child free!!

Well with that bit done, I can now get back to where I usually begin and, boy, have I got some family news for you all!!

I know that some of you have already heard about this, but Grant and I are about to have a new addition to our family.

We are going to become surrogate Mummy & Daddy to a real live Andrex puppy. He is currently five weeks old and we have called him Buzz. His real Mummy is a gorgeous yellow Labrador called Honey who we have know since she was a pup herself. He is sooo lovely.

I have put some photos of him on our blog and on our facebook, if you want to see him.

For those of you that know Bridie (our Cairn Terror - sorry, Terrier) can you imagine what our household will be like once the puppy moves in? Bridie is like the Duracell Bunny, she NEVER wears down and now we are adding another young dog to the mix. Are we mad or what?!?!?

This week we have got Helen and Jet coming to stay for a few days and I cannot wait to take them to meet our new baby. I am hoping to get some time off to spend with Helen & Jet, we fancy taking Jet fishing for tiddlers and, depending on the weather, maybe a day out somewhere. But, of course, it all depends on the weather.

Also this week we are busy working on the new workshop brochure for the Autumn term - when I say 'we', I mean that in the Royal sense of the word as Joanna is the one doing all the hard work - thank you Joanna!

Watch out for a few new workshops starting in the Autumn. There will be some new classes on Wednesdays during the daytime. I will be running a serviette art class on alternate weeks and I am talking to someone (shhh, it a secret at the moment) about Scrapbooking classes/crop - not sure yet if it will be during the day or in the evening. More information in the next week or so.

Nicky and I are busy working on our first run through of the projects for the Craft Retreat (Tracy has already sorted hers!!), which is moving along at a pace now. All the bits are coming together and I will be getting out the tool kit list by mid August.

If you are still thinking about coming on the retreat but have yet to book your place, time is marching on and there are only limited places left. Do not leave it too late!! Contact me if you would like more details.

What else is there to mention? New stuff!!

We have a stock of Kanban 3D die cuts, toppers and card stock now available in the shop - including the new Wobblers.

I know that it is a bit early yet, but we will be receiving our new Christmas range sometime in the next week or two!!!!! Not sure I am looking forward to it arriving - not only have we got to find room for it in the shop, but it also means that the darker nights are coming closer. Not funny.

The Christmas release of Wild Rose Studio will be in with the new Christmas stock and watch out for details of a special visit from Dulcie Jackson - creator of the Milton stamps from Wild Rose Studio - early in September - more details in the next newsletter. But you WILL want to be there.

So that is not too bad. I have just printed this out for Hubby Dear to read it and check it out for spelling, grammar and general reading, and it is only 3 pages. Good going.

Have a good summer break. Check out the website for workshop details - also look at the galleries for ideas and remember to look at the pictures of Buzz on the blog, I'm off to see him again tomorrow night so watch out for new piccies.

With love from

Lynn and the girls.

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